Developers Overkill Software and Starbreeze Studios have made new update 71 available for its FPS tactical shooter video game, Payday 2’s PC version. This new update will prepare the ground for the newly-released Gage Ninja Pack DLC.

The new DLC, Gage Ninja Pack, will bring some oriental Ninja weapons chosen by the developers that will aid the players in their heist attempts. These weapons add a new dimension to the game as the Ninja are closely related to stealth and covert methods of attacking a rival. These weapons add a tactical edge to the Payday Gang, thanks to the eastern travels of Gage.

The gang is now transformed into ninja heisters after Gage’s training.

These include three new ranged weapons, four new melee weapons, Shuriken throwing star, mods, four new masks, patterns and materials says the Steam website.

The ranged weapons include Pistol Crossbow (small crossbow that can fire sharp bolts), Lebensaliger.308 (a semi-automatic with a bullpup design), Kross Vetex (submachine gun), Poisoned Arrow and Throwable (sharp and poisoned ninja star).

The melee weapons include Kunai Knife (poisoned knife), Talons (wearable claws), Okinawan Style Sai and Empty Palm Kata.

The masks include Shirai, Kuro Zukin, Kage and Slicer. The new DLC will be adding four new achievements (Overkill):

  • Names Are for Friends, so I Don’t Need One – Get eleven kills with the Lebensauger .308 Sniper Rifle without reloading it. Unlocks the “Slicer” mask, “Still Waters” material and “Youkai” pattern.
  • Swiss Cheese – Kill 100 enemies in a single heist with the Kross Vertex Submachine Gun. Unlocks the “Kage” mask, “Sakura” material and “Oni” pattern.
  • Shuriken Shenanigans – Complete a single heist in stealth, killing at least 4 enemies using only the Shuriken throwable. Unlocks the “Kuro Zukin” mask, “Bamboo” material and “Koi” pattern.
  • Fugu Fighter – Have at least 3 enemies poisoned at the same time with your poisoned weapons. Unlocks the “Shirai” mask, “Origami” material and “Hanabi” pattern.

Meanwhile, the game received update 71 that brings numerous fixes. The update size is 371.0 MB.

The update has fixed issues in AI, Sound, Vehicles, Sidejobs, Achievements, Perk Decks, Skills, Weapons, Escape: Garage, Ukrainian Job, Big Oil Day One, Watchdogs Day One, Four Stores, Rats Day One, Rats Day Two, The Golden Grin Casino, The Alesso Heist, Meltdown, Firestarter Day Two, Hotline Miami Day One, Hotline Miami Day Two, The Diamond, Armored Transport: Train Heist, The Bomb: Forest, Hoxton Revenge, Hoxton Breakout Day Two, Bank Heist, Election Day: Warehouse, Jewelry Store, Diamond Store and Mallcrasher.

Below are the patch ntoes for the general update 71 of Payday 2:


  • Fixed an issue where loot bags could disappear from the map if it was carried by a player that got disconnected
  • Fixed an issue related to items disappearing from the inventory
  • Fixed several issues where Clovers hair clipped through certain masks
  • Updated the Frag grenade inventory icon
  • Using the “Tab” key in-game will show the name of the track that is currently playing

Payday 2 was released on 13 August, 2013, for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but in June 2015 there was an improved one titled Payday 2: Crimewave Edition that was released for PS4 and Xbox One platforms.