Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, set for release on Nov. 4, players take on the role of high-tech future soldiers in the year 2054. They wear jump-jet enabled exoskeletons that give them super-strength and an array of abilities. They can climb sheer walls with magnetic gloves and a grapple line, turn invisible with cloaking, throw enemy soldiers across a field and double jump and hover in short bursts.

If you are a fan of the Call of Duty series then you would probably agree that as time goes on they don’t improve. Activision understands that it needs to be something different compared to previous Call of Duty games it needs to deliver.

Its development studio Sledgehammer Games is viewed as wielding an opportunity to try something that feels original, without stepping away from the play-style that has made Call of Duty one of the most successful game series’ of all time.

Sledgehammer, formed in 2009, has been given three years and ample resources to do the job. The team was founded by some of the senior creators behind sci-fi horror shooter Dead Space, and is made up of 225 people from studios as diverse as Valve, Naughty Dog and Crystal Dynamics.

According to co-founder Michael Condrey, massive resources have been brought to the project

“With three years and a new engine and a new generation of hardware and a new brand, you’ll see this is not the same old Call of Duty,” he told GamesBeat. “This has the scale and the scope of the equivalent of four Hollywood movies in it. It has hundreds of hours of multiplayer gameplay. It has full cooperative mode. It takes an army of industry vets to create this kind of content.”

Lets keep our fingers and toes crossed and hope that this years Call Of Duty is as good as it looks.