A YEOVIL man is due to be sentenced after being caught stealing a video game from a local supermarket.

Security staff at Tesco, Huish, detained 34-year-old Robert Maylan last Wednesday after he attempted to steal a video game to the value of £20.

Somerset Magistates’ Court, sitting in Yeovil, heard last Thursday how Maylan, of Sherborne Road, wrapped the video game in foil to try and escape the security barriers without detection.

Maylan pleaded guilty to the charge.

Julian Stephens, prosecuting, said: “At around 6.30pm the defendant walked into Tesco and wrapped a game in tin foil and placed it on a shelf.

“He purchased a bottle of Coke, before returning to the store and picking up the concealed item.

“He attempted to conceal the game in foil in the hope that it fooled the alarm. He was later detained by security staff.”

Maylan will return to court on Monday, March 3 to be sentenced.

Magistrates released him on bail until that date, on the condition that he resides at the Sherborne Road address and stays in the premises between 7pm and 7am each evening.

Maylan must also not go to any Tesco store in the UK before his next court hearing.

Source: WesternGazette