Playstation TV  Bundle Console on its way?

With PlayStation TV having last week been confirmed for a UK arrival this autumn, Fergal Gara, Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment UK, has suggested that the gaming add-on could be offered bundled alongside the PS4 in the UK in order to offer eager gamers the full home entertainment package in one.

“The option is there to do something similar [to the US], or maybe something different.”

We can also bundle it with PS4, so basically it is a blank sheet of paper now. It is a great piece of technology to have and the way we take it to market will be shaped heavily by the feedback we have this week.”

Although UK deals have yet to be confirmed, a US PlayStation TV bundle has already been detailed.

“We have heard about the US’ PlayStation TV bundle and that includes a Vita game, a HDMI cable, DualShock 3 controller and the micro console. That’s sort of a my-first-PlayStation bundle really,” Gara stated.

Despite suggesting the PS TV bundle will see the device act as a ‘my-first-PlayStation’ of sorts, the Sony UK head has insisted he is not worried about PlayStation TV eating into the PS4’s currently strong sales.

“No [I don’t see PlayStation TV deterring consumers from adopting the full PS4],” he told us. “Quite the opposite really, we see it as a great accessory to PS4. We see that as its primary roll but it is almost complicated by the fact that it can do several things.

“We think at the moment, and we are listening to various views this week, that the easiest message to communicate, and the strongest added value it brings to the market is as a PS4 extender.

He added: “The very pragmatic family situation of the PS4 sitting in the living room and multiple people want to use the main TV for many different things but the ability to take your controller to a another room and have this very discrete little box behind the TV and continue playing the game is a very practical solution and at a sensible price point.”

Although UK deals have yet to be confirmed, a US PlayStation TV bundle has already been detailed.

PlayStation TV will hit the UK with a standalone £85 price tag.  For the bundle price nothing has been confirmed yet.