With so many racing games arriving before Christmas it’s a very tough market to get pole position. Microsoft’s Forza Motorsport 7 is a huge contender together with the arrival of GT Sport which drops this month.

We finally get our hands on Project CARS 2, which promised to deliver every racing fan’s dream and so many changes from last year’s Project Cars, which we simply loved.

Project CARS 2 requires you to get to know and learn each car. They handle as they would and boy are they tough to handle. I spent hours trying to perfect the corner’s and win a race. You’ll have to turn on a few helps and comprehend the conduct of the AI to get the most out of each race, and recollect that it’s a sim – there’s no Ridge Racer style floating here. Fans get that, however, and for them, the amusement takes into account their each need, with each race conveying the merchandise on genuine, straightforward “winning is the main thing” style of dashing. Its a superb racing sim which is what fans want, they are fed up with poodling round different tracks winning races too easily.

The collection of cars and tracks have significantly increased too. With 180 cars to choose from across Le Mans classics, IndyCar thoroughbreds and RallyX thrillseekers, you won’t get bored quickly while the 60 tracks on offer include English national circuits like Knockhill and Cadwell Park to Daytona and the old 8.75-mile historic Spa-Franchorchamps. Throw into the mix the 29 championship classes and the career mode is certainly an improvement, with more structure and a genuine sense of building to the top as the higher classes are locked.

This game is a racing fans dream come true, the graphics are stunning, handling is tough, AI are sometimes too good, features and car visual’s are the best yet, it delivers on pole. Add to that LiveTrack 3.0, an element that really fits track outline and conditions to keep the authenticity in place. No contention here – when it rains or snows, you can see the care that is gone into it, and the time you have to take to abstain from sliding into a divider. It’s a perfect piece of innovation.


In any case, everything appears somewhat baffling. The diversion can be excessively requesting in places, and unless you’re some sort of rebel master on driving, you could keep running into issues. The diversion rules out mistake, influencing you to pay the cost of reaching a stopping point on the off chance that you take a corner too quick, or going up against the AI and getting to be noticeably disappointed when they improve of a crash. Without fail. That is not by any stretch of the imagination how it functions.

Indeed, even with every one of the aids the world – and Project CARS 2 has many – I could at present feel the slight blemishes of the driving framework. Without a doubt, I moved toward it more like a new kid on the block, needing to check whether the amusement would give mercy on the easygoing fans being acquainted with it out of the blue. Tsk-tsk, I didn’t discover it.

Presently, once more, in case you’re a sim driver, this amusement will give a substantial test. Between tweaking things in the race and settings for your helps and all that – also a skilled (possibly excessively) AI, you’ll be comfortable. In any case, I wish Slightly Mad adopted the strategy that Microsoft did, making the settings beneficial so it’d be all the more pleasing to the beginners. The way things are, they’ll get baffled more than they should.

That is a disgrace, on the grounds that whatever is left of the diversion is unbelievably stacked. Alongside a profession mode, you can take Project CARS 2 wherever you like with speedy races, online races and various different choices. You’ll see that the online rivalry is great, particularly on the off chance that you truly need to take full advantage of your driving abilities – in any case, moan, there’s that thing about closing out the amateurs once more.

The only gripe I can find is the miserable pit stop strategy does not work well, with users required to pre-set stops before the race starts. That means you’ll have to pick one strategy with a certain compound of tyre and level of fuel without knowing what weather or damage may come your way – a complete nightmare for races.

On the plus side there are different races to choose from this year including IndyCar, WRC thus substantially more, so in the event that you have a craving for going rough terrain or notwithstanding overseeing what you can do in a little go-kart, you have the choices accessible. Also, every car feels superb with regards to getting around, which is a decent touch. At any rate Slightly Mad comprehends what goes into the execution of a vehicle.