Capcom have thrown another remastered title into the mix with the delivery of the popular survival horror franchise. Resident Evil 0, Gamecube debuted in 2002, and like Resident Evil HD Remaster, has a new control scheme and an improved graphical section that looks flawless. Because the game was released 13 years ago, we wondered if -again- worth acquiring an exclusive classic that could fail the test of time.

Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster is the last title in the series which represented the shelter and survival horror before adopting a formula of action, which resulted in a drastic change for fans who still debate the new game system. Here, you administrarás limited resources within a limited inventory system and solve logical challenges involving the two protagonists supply: sympathetic and inexperienced Rebecca Chambers -member group STARS- Bravo and Billy Cohen, a condemned ex-marine.

The presence of both is the defining characteristic of this issue since 2002, for the first time in the franchise was possible to interact with 2 characters at the same time. This lends itself to challenge the player artful riddles involving the particularities of each character; for example, Rebekah is light and weak, so you can access areas impossible for Billy, a heavy, strong and tough issue. As you can imagine, it takes you to face difficult situations where better management of resources and the position of the players is the key to victory.

Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster has a new storage system involving the disappearance of the classic trunks. Now you have to drop down items for later use, which complicates and hinders the game and at the same time maintaining the survival horror tradition that established the first title. Because of this dynamic will have to return many times to the neutral areas of the map to retrieve artifacts necessary to progress, resulting in a tedious experience.

The dialogues of the characters are uncomfortable, superficial and tasteless, but they sing beautifully with the history of horror, mystery and intrigue after the incident at the Spencer mansion. Fans of the franchise will find the origin of the iconic T-Virus that supports the colorful variety of characters and is a pillar of the development of the plot.

he main novelty of Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster is the improved graphical section. The textures are sharper and more vivid colors, resulting in a modern experience and a title that looks almost perfect. This is thanks to the work that Capcom printed graphics engine that features dynamic lighting effects to affect the character models and employs a device to move the camera vertically when required character movement. As you remember, the original game debuted before the standardization of HD format, so that the implementation of this feature is a creative solution to display prerrendereados funds.

The modern control scheme Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster makes life easier for newcomers to the franchise you want to know their origins. However, veterans who wish to experience unchanged (except the graphics) controls found within the “tank type” met the challenge in 2002.