To celebrate the release of DOOM, Thrustmaster have released the new Y-350X 7.1 POWERED DOOM EDITION headset featuring Plug’n’Play on Xbox One and PC windows 10
Fully compatible with Windows 10 on PC / Surface / windows phones.

As soon as you open the box you can tell that the designers for this headset have given time to not only thinking about comfort with the cushioning on the earpieces, but after you’ve adjusted the headset you’ll find the cushioning at the top is a perfect addition to and straight away more comfortable that previous headsets we have reviewed.

Everything is made so simple, wish to turn the volume down? simple fancy not chatting and just playing? simple, we found you are not reaching around to try and locate the buttons its all operated from the cable unit. The earphone cushion itself is very soft and comforting on the ears meaning that after a couple of hours gaming you don’t get that dead ear feeling thinking its time for your ears to get some airtime!

So we get that they are a simple and comfortable headset but the main question is how do they sound? well Being used to a Turtle Beach headset I can say that I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like the audio sound my ears were expecting. The subtle noises the games designers have dropped into their finished products  are delivered in such high quality I never knew a headset would pick up on these sounds, it’s a seriously impressive headset. Once we started shooting the bass and depth was jaw dropping, Ive experienced nothing like this before with any headset tested.

So all good so far but surely as every headset made it must have a negative point? well being really picky our only gripe was that the sound controller unit cable is quite long and could see us wrapped in a cable but this might benefit some gamer’s who require a long headset cable…

It looks awesome, its sounds awesome so what about the cost? well the current r.rp is £129.99 which in all honesty is worth every penny if you compare to other headsets on the market and the level of sound from these ear knockers is in a different league.

Seriously a piece of kit that is worth the money.

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