Rock band 4 has finally hit our console’s, and the new era of party-game rock-fests has begun. Now, maybe you used to be a Rock Band master, throwing awesome parties and impressing everyone with your guitar skills (or singing voice!). But if you really want to make sure you have the best Rock Band 4 experience, you’ll need to follow our simple instructions for how to properly prepare yourself – and your band – for the rock revival.

Find Your Instruments
It’s possibly been a few years since you last rocked out, but we know you kept those instruments. And good thing you did: Rock Band 4 is compatible with most of your old Rock Band instruments. Sure, someone in the house may, at one point, have tried to convince you to throw them out, telling you to give up on your dreams of being a fictional rock star. But (if you’re anything like us, at least) you didn’t listen. Dreams like that never die. So get up to the attic, or the back of the garage behind those golf clubs and tennis rackets (also dreams you shouldn’t give up on), and blow the dust off that plastic Stratocaster!

Get the Band Back Together
It’s time to make some calls! Ever since the band split and went their separate ways, life has changed. Well, OK, it hasn’t been that long… but your bass player is married now. There’s even talk of kids soon. Oh, and did you see their Facebook photos from their trip to London last summer? Let’s just screen-share them and– GUYS, STOP HIJACKING THIS SKYPE CALL! We’re here to rock! Are you all in?!

Download All Your Favorite Songs
The majority of the content library from previous Rock Band games is up on the Xbox One Store, so go re-download all the songs you loved – and find a few more to fill out that library! Did you really buy all these Miley Cyrus songs? You should probably download them again. As a joke, of course.

Get Snacks and Drinks
You’re the host, so make sure your band isn’t left with flat soda and coal flecks from the bottom of your water pitcher. Maybe make some amuse-bouche. Is prosciutto rock-and-roll? It’s like bacon’s rich cousin, so… yeah, seems legit.

TIME TO ROCK… After You Spend 30 Minutes Arguing About the Band Name
Your buddy says that she fully understands the portmanteau of two of your favorite rock groups, but she still doesn’t want to sing for a band called “The Flaming Weasels.” This is going to take a while.

Get Swept Away in a Wave of Nostalgia
Man, the set list for Rock Band 4 is great. There are over 60 amazing tracks on here! We’re definitely playing some Jack White. Oh and The Cure. And Mumford and Sons! Dude, the Gin Blossoms? You probably haven’t thought about them in forever!

Shred Through the Night
Let your muscle memory guide your fingers along the frets – and, for a brief moment, feel like time has completely stopped. You are a rock god. Oh dang, is it 11:30 already? You gotta be up for work in seven hours! Yeah, it’s not that late…. but you’ve got that early meeting, and you need to prepare. Maybe just one more song…