In Tour de France 2015, you play a professional rider competing in the “Grande Boucle”. Immerse yourself in this supreme virtual challenge and experience the high-octane adrenaline and thrills of the greatest champions in the sport today.

Select one of the official teams participating in the Tour and embark on a fabulous Tour de France 2015 that will take you through Holland and the cobbled routes of Northern France, to the summits of the mythical climbs and the legendary final on the Champs-Elysées. This year also heralds the return of the team time trial! Make sure you do a thorough reconnaissance of the stages before devising and refining the perfect race strategy.


For the first time this year, the latest Cyanide integrates two new competitions in his program: the Critérium International and the Dauphiné Libéré. What is their teeth on other tracks (Corsica, La Toussuire …) before attacking the main course, but also what bring a lighter side management to a title, which was previously totally free. The mode “Pro Team”modestly established in the previous episode, has indeed taken the thickness thanks to advice from a dedicated community, noisy and passionate. The premise remains unchanged; you play as a team manager always at the head of a team of broken arms, which will aim to achieve results in attracting more experienced elements and therefore win the biggest races. In short, the classic. But this time, you can build the team of your dreams through a phase transfer rather well finicky. And the greater variety of courses and objectives will require you to choose your foals. Of course, there are still some defects, deficiencies rather crude for a management game, as does for example not being able to choose the general style you want to give to his training, but is fun to see her evolve team through the seasons. And we trust the developers to give more consistency to this mode in future releases.

For as usual, Cyanide and Focus Home were able to take into account the views of the community to refine their title and provide great efforts on the defects of the game. So, two difficulty levels were added to bring the challenge to more veteran who had completed the Tour without much draw on their resources. In general, the behavior of riders has also been improved in terms of race scenarios and their characteristics. Without reaching the requirement of a PCM immersion level, tactical procedures are followed and it is slowly starting to approach the realism of the IRL races. So much so that these rogues developers have taken particular care to the public screaming the name of his favorite passage of the pack and releases the way at the last moment at major ascents. It’s missing the commentator – who sucks a big vocabulary as a candidate of “Marseille to Rio” (apologies to the real Patrick Chassé) – shouts the famous  “Do not run alongside riders” not believe stuck to his sofa, arid afternoon of July.

Unfortunately, if this cosmetic intention is laudable on paper, the sauce does not really take. Or should we appreciate the TV broadcasts of the poor  dear to France 3 Regions.Blame outdated animation to a soundtrack unbearable and embarrassing especially at a standardization of runners. All are alike, all have the same position on the bike, roll all the same way. The only way to differentiate? The color and the bib of their jersey. It’s been over“Playmobil presents its new set of cyclists shorts” that great cosmopolitan and popular festival. The downside, especially regrettable that the interface has it, changed which was not essential and this requires regulars – his main target – a new period of adjustment time (gear ratio, supplies, energy, position …). Among the axes to optimize in the future, in addition to caring for one superficial details to enhance the immersion, it will also think that Cyanide view statistics of the runners during the race in order to better identify the men shaped the breakaway and construct tactical plans.

For those who swear by pure speed and hard, the appearance of their challenges could bring a breath of fresh air. This is hurtling at great speed “V” descents of big passes of time and collect medals. Fun at first, however the adrenaline shots quickly lose their interest and can not even be considered as a recognition of the stages of the Tour. In fact, they act just playing on our nostalgic chord and invite an editor to get an ATV simulation as Codemasters had been able to do with No Fear Downhill Mountain Bike on the first Playstation. That was fifteen years ago. A trifle … Note as well the fun provided by the co-op mode that allows you to invite a friend during an event and to join forces to raise his arms and kiss the badge of your sponsor on the finish line .