Batman: Arkham Knight picks up where we left Arkham City . Joker is dead and the city appears to recover from the horrific events, but Gotham can not stay quiet and Scarecrow seeks revenge against Batman after the humiliation he suffered in Asylum. This time the mission is filled with fear Scarecrow mind of Batman and also met the cream of Gotham villains to consume the rest of the city. Scarecrow threatens to release a toxic gas that instantly becomes maniac who come into contact with it, panic takes over Gotham, which is started an evacuation plan and the city quickly is desolate, but not empty: Now the criminals have a playground to enjoy at home as the best police force is conserving what little order in the streets. Commissioner Gordon offers you the facility of Gotham Police Department, where he gradually bring it to the scum who terrorizes the place for which you accounts with your faithful companions, Oracle, Robin and Alfred, those involved in the story in a way more protagonist and reveal a little more of his life.

One of the strongest points of Batman: Arkham Knight is his story. The plot unfolds to perfection; only shows small signs of what will happen, keeps you constantly on the lookout for what lies ahead and fall into cliches and tedious dialogues too hard, just takes you on a roller coaster that leaves you with your mouth open. Scarecrow present as the main villain comes in handy to play, as it provides a much more murky feeling about what was Joker in previous titles.If we consider Scarecrow the mastermind behind the plan to destroy Gotham, then Arkham Knight is the muscle that guides the action. This mysterious being armed is in charge of all the militia that now pervades the city, and although it seems more powerful than the rest of the villains, responds only to Scarecrow.

The first thing you’ll notice is the amazing visual improvement, every detail looks great. Scenarios, the character models, how wonderful the Batmobile … everything is great, but I want to emphasize that the developers sought to impregnate his own style in the city is very grim, but featured in commercials and light colors, which gives life without removing the feeling that is under siege, and that connects you with the experience immediately. It is worth mentioning that the appearance of some characters was altered so they look more real, which is very evident in Robin, Oracle or Catwoman, who now have much more marked and old features factions. This kind of detail is appreciated, as developers models not only recycled, but worked to give us a better viewing experience.

A very important point is the size of the map. The city is 5 times bigger than Arkham City , so it was imperative to include a new mode of transportation: the Batmobile. The streets are much wider and full of things to destroy, and when I say “full” I mean that you can spend on cars, trees, buildings and even statues, all with amazing physics, so the destruction caused by your vehicle High power will look different when acting on marble over another material.While driving at full speed is lovely, I really enjoy flying using the layer and this added facilities and taller buildings, so you have more points to propel, and towards the end of the game, when better your skills, attain greater distances and your flight time will increase. Did I say you can walk around the city without worrying about loading screens? I saw nothing but a charging time that lasted 1 second, you can expect when you die or restart a challenge, so now we believe Rocksteady really believes worlds load times open an aberration.

Batman Is Back And Bigger Than Ever

The city, though half empty, not suffering drought regarding things to do; you’ll find hundreds of targets. Be free zones taken by the militia of Arkham Knight, keep track of sightings of a giant bat or solve challenging puzzles Riddle, each secondary mission has frame, so you will not feel you run meaningless activities. The tasks are now part of a line that takes you to a villain, advancing the missions and find the person responsible for each event, with whom you finally face differently because each has its specific dynamics of combat.

Certainly there are many things to do, but the interface is simple and can record the percentage complete in each secondary mission and select the missions you want to keep as a main push of a button. The way in which the points of interest are shown on the map fits perfectly. By checking the next goal, the game never put the exact location, but it will leave in the near vicinity and the place you’ll use your hearing improvements and tracking system. For example, when searching for an enemy who is flying over the city, you hear a characteristic radius to enter the area noise, but you have to locate using your detective mode and once you get it you’ll be ready to face it.

As I mentioned, there are all sorts of side quests and while some are simple and clear an area of ​​enemies and rescue civilians, others have more complex dynamics, such as deleting a horde of tanks as you defuse a bomb-which involves the use of or Batmobile- thoroughly investigate a homicide detective using the mode on the bodies you see on the map. The missions are not always available to access them, often need to progress through the game to unlock them, but above all, be aware of your surroundings and radio because there are clues to the location of hidden targets throughout Gotham. Remember your duty as protector of the city is be aware of every detail, so it is essential that you complete all missions if you want to know the whole story. This will require your patience, because although some missions feel worked and developed, others are rather simplistic.

It is essential that you complete all missions if you want to know the history

Combat is a feature of the franchise and in this installment feels improved in several respects, particularly in the movements. Now everything looks more natural: to run a string of hits notice new animations and more ease in the attacks; dodge or counterattack becomes a delight and the new environmental takedown will cause real pain because they are very well represented. While for many combat or freeflow is simple and branded as nonsense botoneo in Arkham Knight is much more than that. During the clashes every button corresponds to an action (strike, stun, evade or use gadget) and the combination forms that can chain combos if you do not get hurt.

In this release the number of enemies during fights is greater and there are new types of offenders who are a headache, so you must plan your strategy and be aware of the exact moment to press the button if you do not want to suffer Counter large quantities damage. Some villains will be more resistant, so you’ll need to put together a string of hits and then attack because the higher your combo more damage you cause. You decide how your combo system will either start pulling the opponent with the Batclaw or paralyze a Batarang; but once you find your rhythm you will be unstoppable and will eliminate enemies in one combo.

An aggregate of this release is the dual battle that can only run on specific areas and times in history, but it is so much fun you do not want it to end. Such meetings lets you fight side by side with Catwoman, Nightwing and Robin, and with the push of a button can trade at any time, without loading screens or frame rate drop. The button also activates the dual takedowns, which are an incredible choreography of blows which conclude with a powerful attack of both characters. Like normal takedown, you can run after loading a small bar that is filled by connecting strokes, so just press the button and enjoy.

Another addition is in stealth mode. You can perform takedowns in series: once you approach a group of enemies without being noticed, the option to press a button to start the chain will appear; after removing the first will have a couple of seconds to select your next victim and so on up to 5 times. To recharge this movement will have to perform silent takedowns, but when you have available is perfect to start a large-scale battle and the result is completely satisfactory, since, if you connect to perfection your moves, you eliminate multiple enemies in a couple of seconds.

As is tradition, Batman will have at his disposal a large arsenal of weapons and gadgets from the start. Everyone starts very simple, but as advances will improve because as you complete each mission you will receive a token of WayneTech for use in combat, your suit, the Batmobile or gadgets. One example is the disruptor weapon used to silence your enemies, but to improve it be able to remove tanks with one shot. You also gain experience in combat and solve puzzles, which fills your bar and gives another token; the most advanced improvements require more tokens, but as you advance in history will not have problems to get them.

The biggest mystery I had was how would add a vehicle without her feel like an accessory and Rocksteady managed to create a Batmobile that fulfills different functions. At the beginning it took me to get used to the controls of the Batmobile and the way it moves and managed, especially by the strange scheme controls assigned to him. The Batmobile has 2 main modes. In normal you traveling to the city and have a system of small arms; It is useful for speed. The tank is otherwise where pressing one of the triggers you have a quick transformation into a beast car full of weapons (machine gun, rocket launcher, EMP and hacking); this will cause you scroll a slower but more effective to avoid gunfire. These weapons are unlockable, so it is likely that at the beginning despair a little, but give it time, when you are one with the Batmobile have in your possession a machine of destruction. The only problem comes when the camera impedes your vision, because when you move constantly in the tank so you will have to constantly rotate the camera to locate the enemy; It is not something that breaks the game action, but becomes annoying.

Your vehicle is not only used to move or during battles, its implementation in various tasks falls like a glove in the experience, especially in the new Riddle puzzles designed just for you. In obstacle courses, to hang with wires or simply as a counterweight, the Batmobile gives rise to new challenges that refresh the franchise.The Batmobile is also a gadget, so when you select it in your arms carousel can control it remotely and call, if you find yourself stuck; what it is useful at times when you need more force to destroy walls or pulling heavy objects. There will chase sequences where you will use the weight of the Batmobile to destroy enemies, and with the combination of stick and a button will achieve a takedown. This brings fond memories of franchises like Burnout, where everything revolved around a similar mechanics; in Arkham Knight they are not frantic or look as good, but the feature is implemented perfectly.

Rocksteady goodbye to the Batman franchise with a masterpiece, his best game to date. Each element feels like a love letter as both Batman fans, and the amount of fan service is ridiculous; the developers were able to touch our heartstrings and exploit them to the fullest. Batman: Arkham Knight is the perfect conclusion to a great series and goes as he came: to surprise and leaving us with great satisfaction. We can only say ‘thank you for letting us be Rocksteady Batman one last time. ”