The plot of Transformers Devastation is simple: the Decepticons want to turn Earth into Cybertron 2 and the heroic Autobots have to stop them because they really like Earthlings how they are (which is to say, alive). There are innumerable Cyber MacGuffins tossed into the mix, because this is a Transformers story.

With Transformers, your character can become a vehicle at any time of the battle, speeding, running over your opponents or take a super punch to break shields charged; Also, if you pull the special attack button at the right time, you can make a special super-powerful attack to chain matters worse and even your shots to achieve a perfect battle.

The mechanical perfection that this game is amazing shows a much higher deliveries as The Legend of Korra, with a much faster and intense gameplay, battles can be quite formidable mechanical difficulty inciting version the player to seek perfection in execution and combat. On the other hand, as a kind of rest between these intense segments of attack, the game features classic platformer adventure Platinum adapted to the theme of the Transformers high speed, with a New York full of underground tunnels, roads devastated and dangerous trenches occupied by the Decepticons, which we must defeat to move forward. Several puzzles will stand in our way, from classical cyberpuertas to be destroyed as quickly as possible, even in high-speed chases or collect-a-thon simple segments between ruins full of neon lasers and air mines.

The game includes a wide range of collectibles and weapons of various ranges, unlike other games of Platinum leveling necessary to survive the power of the Decepticons. Swords, whips, axes, drills, hammers, spears, machine guns, flamethrowers, laser rifles, bazookas, grenade launchers, you name it. These items can be purchased using in-game credits or synthesized in the laboratory of Wheeljack. You can also create microchips that will TECH passive powers and upgrades for your character (including a minigame for welding!), Buy movements of attack and defense improved and much more. You’ll feel a child collecting toys Hasbro with adorable plastic neon look of these weapons. By útlimo, progression includes updating stats by buying upgrades for your character almost invincible.


The line of heroes is not too extensive but includes some of the most iconic Autobots: the balanced and heroic Optimus Prime, specializes in truck attacks, force and momentum; the rapid Bumblebee, virtually fly around the stage and is able to avoid the most unexpected attacks; the warrior Sideswipe focused on attack power and the skillful management of their cyberespadas samurai; Wheeljack versatile, focused on fighting away, Grimlock and the Dinobots leader capable of becoming Tyrannosaurus and dust between his jaws to his enemies. Each character has a characteristic mobility and symbolic powers that you get with the special button every time the bar fills.

As for enemies, the series has the whole cast of the original Decepticons: Megatron (the version that becomes tank gun was unfortunately a bit impractical), the Constructicons that combine to create the stunning Devastator, swarms Insecticons that will make life difficult and of course the classic villains: Starscream, Shockwave, Soundwave (with its cassette that becomes jet), Thundercracker and many more.
The game is short: 7 chapters about 1 or 2 hours playing time given 8 hours or a little more in the first playthrough. However, the title is highly replayable thanks to higher difficulties as customization items and increased statistics, and the plethora of weapons and other items that are necessary to survive in these levels. Also, art galleries, logs and collectibles reward the connoisseur as ever.

The game’s graphics are absolutely faithful to the first seasons of the cartoon, with defined contours and effects of a drawing of the time, plus VHS distortions and visual artifacts (grain, line noise, ghosting) that will make you feel at the Hasbro old days when Toei Animation and worked hand in hand. The scenarios incorporate the full range of caricature, from human cities devastated by the Decepticons, the iconic orange headquarters of the Transformers, the interior of the ship and its surroundings Proudstar cybertrónicos, etc. Although the game has not much less expensive production, with its resources and achieved a real polished look that will make you feel as if you played the caricature itself and not just a product license resale. For its part, the soundtrack is pure metal and hard rock, and at times has echoes Lion amazing soundtrack to the original film. Unmixed blessing for the nostalgic and action without mercy to modern. As for voices and script writing are also authentic vintage: the cast of the original cartoon (in English of course) has returned to dubbing, while the script has been specifically created by one of the writers of the original comic book that preceded to the series. In short, you can not ask for more as far as authenticity is concerned.

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