Uncharted 5 is ON like Donkey Kong, if Sony want to make it, says voice actor Nolan North.

The renowned actor, who plays hero character Nathan Drake in the action game series, is ready to ‘suit up’ for another instalment.

That’s despite developer Naughty Dog basically bringing the PlayStation gaming phenomena to a close earlier this year with Uncharted 4.

He’d love to bring the classic Indiana Jones-type hero back again in future because it’s “the best job ever”.

And he will be at Sony’s beck and call if another outing is confirmed.

Nolan said: “I’m not happy that Uncharted’s ended, but if they said ‘Hey, we want to do Uncharted 5. Do you want to do Nathan Drake or should we ask somebody else?’ I’d be like ‘No, no!’.

“It’s very bittersweet. It was something that was very special to me. It was seriously the best job I’ve ever had.

“It opened doors, it made me a better actor. It is my big break, so to speak.”

North then quickly touched base on Sony’s gestating movie adaptation, before stating that he’s “ready to suit up” for another game.

He told Game Informer: “And that’s why I think the things about the films are always questionable.

“Because I’m an on-camera actor but possibly too old? But then they talk about Mark Wahlberg, who’s about my age, and it’s a complex situation.

“But if they were gonna do another game… I’m not gonna be the guy holding out for more, I’m the guy who’s ready to suit up.”