UNCHARTED: the Nathan Drake Collection Review Playstation 4

If you have a PlayStation 4 and never played Uncharted 2 or Uncharted 3, this collection is a must buy, because both are central experiences to understand the identity of PlayStation as a brand.

The developers succeeded in unifying the gaming experience 3 UNCHARTED. They will notice especially when aimed and shoot, or throw a Granada look at Drake’s Fortune and discover that feels almost the same as in its aftermath. The same goes for the controls to climb and interact with the world. Details are thin and are so well made that clear -sign not notice a great job of adaptation.

The 3 games run at a solid 1080p and 60 fps, although there are slight frame rate dips here and there. I hope the patch 1st solve this minor problem, but it is definitely negligible when compared to the generally high quality of the collection. Tearing (screen tearing) to move the camera in Drake’s Fortune disappeared, the texture resolution was improved, as well as lighting.

Character models, especially in the first installment, look better. Another aspect that was improved ambient occlusion, as projected objects more realistic shadows. This feature was added to Drake’s Fortune and looks better in Among Thieves and Drake’s Deception. However, the star that steals the show is the reduction of input lag (delay input). This basically means that the control is more responsive, resulting in greater precision to shoot, jump and perform any other action. Again, where it is most noticeable in the first installment of the franchise, which becomes a much stronger experience than when it was originally released.

As the visual quality, the look beautiful thanks to 1080p. The greatest distance plot also benefits the presentation of the games, it is possible to see objects drawn in each scene. Alongside this, we have the fluidity of 60 frames per second, with the reduced input lag, help to highlight the frantic tempo of deliveries as Uncharted 2 (seriously, the scene of the helicopter is a new experience thanks to the best).

Unfortunately, the collection removes Among Thieves multiplayer and Drake’s Deception (Drake’s Fortune itself did not), so this is a package that can only enjoy one player at a time. It is certainly the biggest point against The Nathan Drake Collection. According to developers, the reason behind this decision is not fracture the user base.

UNCHARTED: the Nathan Drake Collection is a competent package, very well done and worth buying. Perhaps the additions are not as prominent and it hurts the absence of multiplayer, but the franchise is made up of excellent titles worth playing again. Recommended.