Xbox One owners finally have a solution to gain some extra space rather than be stuck with the 500GB hard drive. With various games that can easily be 20GB or more, and patches that can be more than 1GB at a time, you have to start deciding which games you want to stay on your hard drive and which ones you sadly have to delete. Fortunately, Xbox One owners can rely on an extraordinarily external hard drive like WD My Passport X.

This pocket-sized portable hard drive is perfect for gamers because transporting games is easier than ever before. While many portable hard drives on the market are small, this one takes the idea of compact digital storage to a whole new level.

Plug and Play Easy Setup

Setting up the My Passport X is just as easy as plugging the USB cable into your Xbox One. There are instructions included but I did not have to read any to get started. Simply plug in the hard drive and wait a few minutes for it to format before you can start adding games. The hard drive plugs into the rear or at the side of the console and you can start downloading all of your games library within a few minutes subject to your internet speed and connection.

Why Choose The My Passport X ?

Back in the day if you wanted more storage for your games console the chances were you had to take apart the games console and insert a hard drive of your choice. This could void your warranty and present further issues. The My Passport X has just about everything that most other general use portable hard drives have, including a sleek, compact design and a design that doesn’t require a separate power supply. It is so simple to use it is reformatted by the Xbox One when it is plugged in for the first time.

The fact that the My Passport X uses USB 3.0, the 2 tb storage capacity of this hard drive is also a great thing and makes it ideal for gamers, considering that many modern games take up as much as 2-3 gigabytes each.



  • USB 3.0 connectivity
  • Large capacity
  • Compact design
  • Sleek look


  • No pre-loaded backup software compared to other hard drives on the market right now.