An Xbox One update is now available to better prepare the console for Windows 10, which is set to launch on July 29.

Microsoft says that the update, simply called the July Xbox One Update, will be prompting users to download the software starting this week. However, users should not expect any new features to come with the update since it is simply meant to prepare the console for Windows 10 game streaming and for backward compatibility with the titles that are available on the Xbox 360.

“There are no new user-facing features in this release as the team focuses on the New Xbox One Experience that will be available later this year,” shared the official site Major Nelson.

Microsoft has confirmed that the upcoming Windows 10 will be integrated into Xbox One where a new Xbox app will become available. The new system will be fully independent from Xbox Live and will be able to support cross-platform gaming.

“We’ll treat gaming on Windows 10 with the same passion as we’ve put into the Xbox console,” said Phil Spencer, head of Xbox. He added that his team is also giving Windows 10 a huge level of importance.

Xbox One owners who have their consoles under the Instant-On power mode will receive the update as soon as they turn on their console the next time around. However, if the console is enabled under the Power Saver mode, users would have to do a manual update the next time they turn on their Xbox One console and connect to Xbox Live in order for the July Xbox One Update to become fully installed.

The update may seem like a small system update, but it’s an important move to ensure that video game streaming works without issues when Windows 10 finally launches.

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The New Xbox One Experience, perhaps the sequel to the July Xbox One Update, is slated to launch later this year.