Thanks to every single game on the Xbox One getting 1000 Gamerscore – as opposed to arcade games having 200 to 400 back on the 360 – there’s a lot of extremely easy achievements out there to unlock. And if you’re just as obsessed with your score as this me, then the following are essential, as they require almost little to no work to get.

Below are 15 insanely easy achievements you can easily unlock to boost your Gamerscore.

Description: Start Party Hard.Estimated unlock time: 10 seconds.

Following in the footsteps of the good ol’ Simpsons Game, this achievement literally just requires you to start it up and select New Game from the main menu. That’s it. You don’t even need to play the game.

Hell, if your friend owns it, have them sign you in and hit start for you.

There’s plenty more Gamerscore (150G) for the taking inside Party Hard however, as it’s a fun and at oftentimes very challenging game. Other than the easy opening achievement, it’s a great title to add to your library.

Come for the achievements, stay for the experience.


Description: Confront a beast within the Krypt.Estimated unlock time: 1 minute.

What’s a Mortal Kombat game these days without a Krypt where you can unlock all sorts of goodies? And what’s a Krypt that doesn’t have the potential to unlock one especially savoury goodie in the form of a freebie achievement?

In order to unlock this achievement all you need to do is enter the Krypt from the main menu, walk forward, to the right and then get attacked by a monster. But wait, it’s not entirely a cake walk, prepare yourself for one mundane QTE which consists of one button.

Perform it successfully, and the achievement is all yours.


Description: That’s not rightEstimated unlock time: 1 minute

I’m already breaking my own rule and throwing a collectible achievement into the list. But to be fair, it’s not something that pops for gaining all collectibles and also happens within the first 10 seconds of the game, so it seems fair.

To get this, at the start of the game simply go left instead of right.

You’ll find a little white blob, stand on it and the achievement will pop. Look at how easy that 70G was.

With that, Limbo is 100% a Gamerscore booster, so long as you play the game knowing where the collectibles are, as they make up 700 of the 1000 total. One playthrough can net you 800 easily, and as Limbo is a fun little indie game that’s as creepy as it is beautiful, one playthrough isn’t a struggle.


Description: Leave the park.Estimated unlock time: 30 seconds.

Contrary to what you may think, you do not actually get this achievement at the end of the game, but rather the very beginning – before you even enter the park. For some reason, many developers who decide on what an achievements should be just really want you to go in the opposite direction you’re supposed to.

Once you start up the game, you’ll be standing in a parking lot. Just turn around, walk up the road until your screen is entirely mist, and there you have it, achievement unlocked.

The Park is one of the easiest and fastest games to complete on the Xbox One right now. With a walkthrough, you could obtain all 1000 Gamerscore in an hour at the most.


Description: Travel to space!Estimated unlock time: 2 minutes.

Surprisingly, the first achievement on this list requiring any sort of work to obtain. However, the “work” is just making sure to pick up one object before doing a particular thing. Right from the start, you’ll want to turn around and go inside a house where a blue glowing disk will be.

Lick the beacon, head to a crop circle and wait. You’ll be abducted by a UFO and then a 100G richer.

Now of course, there are A LOT of easy achievements to earn in Goat Simulator. The game almost seems to give you an achievement for every little thing you do, but it’s not a breeze to complete. Look to the godforsaken Flappy Goat achievement, which is either ‘simple’ thanks to its mechanics… or you’ll be searching for the tallest building to toss your Xbox off within minutes.


Description: GO MY MINIONS!Estimated unlock time: 1-6 minutes

Let’s face it, Knight Squad isn’t that good of a game – it feels more like a compilation of really crappy Mario Party mini games than anything else. But in the collection of said naff mini games, is a decent amount of easy Gamerscore.

Case in point, if you happen to have two controllers, this game can be completed in no time whatsoever. However, if you only have one, you’ll be contending with the screwy AI, which might mess things up a bit.

All you need to do with one controller is pick up the minion power-up twice, and have double the amount of minions under your control. Simply avoid the AI and pick up this power-up twice, and that’s it – providing you don’t get cut down along the way.


Description: Completed the game in less than 1 minute with no modifiers enabledEstimated unlock time: 1 minute

Now it must be said, if you in anyway care about the story from Gone Home, you should probably have a normal playthough beforehand, otherwise some major plot points will be spoiled. On the other hand, if you couldn’t care less, step on up and earn yourself some extremely easy Gamerscore.

This achievement is as simple as it sounds; you just need to beat the game in under a minute.

Even if you watch a walkthrough real quick just to familiarize yourself with where you need to go, this will still take under two minutes to complete.

As many others on this list, Gone Home is a very easy completion. It may take more than one playthrough, but even with that this game, you won’t be struggling for longer than a couple of hours, max.


Description: Beat the game in under 45 minutes.Estimated unlock time: 45 minutes.

Here you have it, the first achievement that’s actually going to take more than ten minutes to unlock. It had to happen eventually. If you do everything perfect the first time you go through on the easiest difficulty, you should get this in under 45 minutes. However, chances are it may take you a tiny bit longer to watch a couple videos online to familiarize yourself in where to go.

Also this does not need to be done in one sitting. If you finish the game in more than 45 minutes, you can just pick the level that took you the longest and improve your time on it.

As long as your total time is under 45 minutes, the achievement will unlock.


The only reason this entry isn’t at the top of the list is because it’s going to include more than 20 achievements in one.

But those 20 achievements don’t even require you to play a single game, technically. For the majority, all you need to do is load up a game and quit out the second the achievement pops for starting the game that first time. There are 20 of these achievements, which is going to net you well over 200G for simply just starting and quitting each game in quick succession.

On your way, you’re going to earn a couple more achievements for “ranking up” and for collectively sampling each of a certain type of game, like all the Battletoads games for instance.