Harmonix and Mad Catz return after years of absence and bring us what we always wanted, a new improved Rock Band. Have all the years without them given them the time to improve and make it something worth the wait?


To start playing Rock Band 4 first thing you need to do is calibrate your guitar with your television and your sound system to make sure you really get the best sound whilst playing. It will be a short and fairly friendly process, so do not worry!


Before you start playing you know perfectly all instruments that come into the game and see which one you are most accommodating first. The package includes a battery, a microphone and a guitar that we know can be used as low.

If you choose the instrument “String” You have to know the model it is, you will use a Fender Stratocaster repeating elements had since the beginning of the franchise, five frets dedicated to high tones and ideal for single and always spectacular tappings ; and five basic dishes dedicated to low tones. In both sections of the arm of the lira will combine chords as the game tells you. Interprets songs like most suits you as it includes an adjustable shoulder belt to your size.

As any real guitar, classical plastic lever has dissonance to decorate sound, more score during long chords and raise the bar overdrive sure you out of trouble repeatedly. Just like in previous years, the lira has a key “to select pills” that provide different effects to the notes you’re running: The Wah-Wah combined with the lever gives style to your gigs, Echo, Vibe, Chorus or Flat anything, make the sound organic. You decide what to wear, but a matter of personal taste know which one fits you more.

Are you the classic dude who has too much energy but is not satisfied with the guitar? The battery is for you, this will include the bass drum pedal two initialed drumsticks and four patches of scrimmage which have a cushion to do such a fuss about if you love him wanting also detect if soft or hard hit. Keep time in Bataca is complicated at first, by the rhythms and speed. The overdrives are activated as in previous games, a series of notes and finally shut with hype and green punch. Important: Adjust your chair at the right height so that you have back problems or poor posture at the time of playing, always looking for the most comfortable position. The instrument can also accommodate you jam as natural as possible.

If you have questions on how to connect your instruments do not worry, it’s simple, the same package includes four AA batteries, a couple guitar and drums for a couple, both instruments are wireless and do not need to connect directly to the console. USB microphone to be plugged together with the control console as happened in the other versions of the game. Play and connect is pretty straightforward.

The campaign mode, called Go On Tour lets you start from scratch as if you were a musician canteen and get the best venues in the world. But let’s go step by step.

The first thing is you charge is the formation of your band, pretty simple, just select the name and hometown. Unfortunately it is not Mexico and not many cities to choose, it would be better to give emphasis to that effect; and if you can not think of a name for your group, the same game will give options to the lack of creativity, as in previous years.

Now you have the name and address of your band you will have to create character, quite limited at first with little hair and few faces to choose you your character, whether male or female. At first you can not change clothes, so you’ll be a generic weak in pursuit of fame. They did not put much variation to create your artist, but despite being extremely limited, as in other deliveries You can buy your clothing and your own accessories as you earn money in this mode. Nothing spectacular.

Now, as you have to choose your character you will play the instrument, but do not worry, you can change lira battery at any time during the campaign. You decide if you create a campaign with friends and everyone hold up an instrument or you go on a solo supported by the computer.

Since you have everything ready, now start your way to become famous. You pluck off in the city you have chosen and go up in difficulty. You decide which way you choose, the game gives you the same options and do not repeat each to return to play the tour.

Sometimes this method seems endless and you have to play enough hours to access each “level” of the tour and the songs have to be repeated a few times. It is a game mode that requires you minimum 11 hours of gaming so prepare to rock out seriously.

The game itself has 65 tracks, no need to unlock them. Now, if you had previous versions of the game, you can access your entire music library, except Beatles Rock Band. All DLC you have purchased with your account previously can also download for free. We could say that the game has a repertoire of over 2000 songs including tracks from the other games and downloadable content. Each song you want to buy online will cost $ 0.99 and $ 1.99, depending on what song is; if you prefer, Rock Band makes a special selection for you, song packs depending on your musical tastes.

With improved graphics, efforts are focused further gameplay which certainly remains the same; a detail that would have appreciated is the performance with the musicians in the stage, we need more variety of shots, but a big plus point is that the public chorea the songs and makes you feel more in environment.

Ultimately the game when franchise is nearly the same, does not offer much difference except the freestyle section alone. If you are left-handed you can also play guitar upside and if a song makes you impossible, you can choose not fail to finish the song mode. In my opinion Rock Band 4 is ideal for play with friends and share all that experience, but playing the same songs in career mode becomes boring, variety makes this more attractive game, and despite any, are needed internet and make appropriate purchases, with fair prices I think knowing the development and work behind.