In 2010 we saw in the market for many was crowned as the best PS3 game of the year and was awarded various awards in elements as its technical components, history, music and innovation; all that was reflected in fairly healthy sales standing on top of several regions during launch and in the following months, which allowed David Cage continue experiencing its kind with other products as it was Beyond: Two Souls that had neither Heavy Rain force as an interactive experience or sales.

In Heavy Rain is up to you as a user to inquire into the crime scene to lift as many clues that allow you to solve the mystery of the murderer of origami, question witnesses and victims on the case intelligently understanding their emotions and put on the table a number of conditions for the story to have the best possible end because having alternate endings depend on how clever detective went to close the case in a favorable situation or perhaps the saddest end you can imagine.

The gameplay of Heavy Rain is mostly in the choice of dialogue by the user and direct control of the characters in highly controlled three – dimensional environments; most of the time the action scenes become very cinematic elements that user participation is limited to quick time events with actions that combine physical controls with motion controls to generate interactions that convey the emotion of the moment who enjoys history.

At the end of the day, Heavy Rain fits well with the definition of Cage that dubs it an interactive drama, and although many do not consider a game as such at least their best contributions were offering a good story that our participation in instead of feeling completely limited to some valuable interactions as quick time events, it felt like something much more solid we become real detectives elucidating the case of the mysterious murderer origami.

Six years after its original release on PS3, there are many things that Heavy Rain feels largely overcome, mainly in technical elements.

For the year that the game was released was impressive to see facial expressions so realistic and a whole city full of rainwater glistened with effects quite good lighting, today is very different when we see that the weight of half a decade and it makes you feel limited.

In Beyond: Two Souls touch – ups that were given to his remastering for PS4 with enhancements to its resolution and framerate left him perfectly comparable with any modern game, which makes sense if we think that was the last original games we saw on the PS3 and full advantage of the console hardware; Heavy Rain is a very different being a much older game and although being aged does not reduce its quality or is an element by which we can judge, makes it clear that the ambitions with this reissue rather than seek a remastering case only seek deliver a functional port.

A first element that I noticed the limitations of the game that today we reviewed was on the faces of the characters, because out of the four players that include a lot of detail that all flew our heads at the time, others wear the today quite strange -mainly children. Although the game is now 1080p not see much work in the textures, it presents some drops framerate and occasional bugs that cause collision of characters on screen, elements that together cause your graphics do not look as good as we’d expected and leads us to reiterate that it is simply a port of the original PS3 game that he was not invested much work to be regarded as a remastering.

The improvements that the game features are that the resolution has increased from 720p to 1080p, the number of shadow maps available from 8 increased to 12, the multi-threaded rendering was activated, they filters HDAO and MSAA were added in addition to improving general lighting . I can tell you that effectively all these elements make today can enjoy an improved version of Heavy Rain properly adapted to the PS4, but do not expect big changes.

Something that feels too much over the years for Heavy Rain is in its controls, especially referring to the movement of the characters in three – dimensional environments, they feel overwhelmed and often imprecise.

Because I value the contribution that had Heavy Rain industry and the recent catalog of exclusive PlayStation, I wish that this issue had actually been remastered with added improvements in textures, improved controls and additional features such as a photography mode – similar games that have received, they would have appreciated.

Heavy Rain review after so many years was a pleasant experience, one that makes me again assess the potential of the French studio Quantic Dream to tell good stories to convey their feelings to the user, whether gamer or not.

Although the game is not currently as impressive technically as it was when we played six years ago remains fresh thanks to its well-considered history and emotional sequences that do not let us stop until you get to see any of their final deriving our actions, so would not recommend it to those who have not tried and interest them such cinematic experiences.

Seeing how Quantic Dream intertwined stories that revolve around the murderer of origami, we realize that this line is we would like to continue the study in its future projects rather than tried in Beyond: Two Souls we refer in particular in that not only offers a good history of freedom to the user to really feel their actions is key to the drama piece instead of putting it in place of a spectator who admires an almost predetermined story in every way and few things to do.

The feeling that Heavy Rain caused us with their heartbreaking story and depressive environments accompanied by hints of mystery, danger and action of a good thriller left an important catalog of PS3 games footprint and grateful that now reaches PS4 for those They were not tested previously.

We would have liked that more than a port with the improvements resulting from the most powerful PS4 hardware we had received a remastering but the truth is that neither promised that the time to announce the reissue and are facing a functional version.

The great contributions that once was experimenting with Heavy Rain as a fresh game in its genre still present in this title to be sold at a more accessible than at launch, no doubt an indispensable tool for who to date price is without testing.