Batmobile Statue No Longer

Warner Bros have canceled the Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition.

Customers who have already pre-ordered the collector’s edition of Batman: Arkham Knight, which was set to come with a transformable Batmobile, are receiving cancelation notices from retailers in the United States, Europe and Australia. Warner Bros. says that quality issues with the product led to the company scrapping the limited bundle.

The Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition packaged together the action-adventure game with an 80-page art book, steel book case, limited edition DC comic, three New 52 skins and the transformable Batmobile. The bundle was priced at £170 / $200 / €200.

As a token of its apology, Warner Bros. is offering the New 52 skin pack — which includes the Caped Crusader, Robin and Nightwing — to anyone who pre-ordered the Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition for free.