Still After 2 years later DICE continues to support Battlefield 4 with new updates. The developer has now announced that it’s increasing the default “tickrate” for the game’s “small” servers (32 players and below) from 30hz to 45hz. This applies only to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

“This increase improves ALL networking delays of the game by ~11ms per action–a massive impact on the second-to-second gameplay,” producer David Sirland said in the game’s forums.

He added that after the release of Battlefield 4’s Holiday Update, DICE tested a handful of tickrates, including 45hz, 50hz, and 55hz. Although 50hz and 55hz worked “pretty well” for most players, Sirland said he didn’t want to roll out the change widely unless the studio could be sure it would positively affect all Battlefield 4 players.