The PS4 version is listed as Update 1.07, and requires 1.2GB of space on Sony’s console as well as the Xbox One.

Numerous fixes have been deployed, while Custom Games and Spectator Camera now feature on dedicated servers.

Here are some of the major gameplay issues which have now been corrected:


– Operators sometimes are displayed in T-Pose, slide around the maps and don’t have any textures

– Headshot hits do not register properly

– Exploit: Kapkan’s trap can have an invisible laser is specific steps are followed

– Exploit: Bandit could duplicate the batteries in his inventory by doing a certain behaviour

– Exploit: Players able to clip inside walls using Deployable Shields

– Collar collision on Frost and Buck, make headshots register as upper body damage

– Glaz is able to take down Castle Barricades with only four shots


Meanwhile, Ubisoft have been facing problems with the Xbox One servers this past week.

Saturday saw players unable to connect to the Siege network for around three hours before the issue was resolved.

However, Xbox One users suffered an outage again on Tuesday ahead of Patch 2.1’s deployment, although this has since been fixed.

UBISOFT The update fixes a number of troublesome bugs

– Nitro Cells stick to the edges of tiny leaves on plants

– Switching weapons takes Buck out of the Skeleton Key mode

– Blitz’s gadget blinds players who were not facing it

– Frost’s Welcome Mat is not destroyed when placed on a trap door which is then reinforced

– Sometimes, players get an infinite reload animation

– Sometimes, players cannot reload their weapon

– Player has a jammed screen if holding the drone in his or her hand near a Signal Disruptor

– If an attacker is killed at the same time as they finish placing the defuser, the defender won’t be able to disable it

– Armoured barricades placed by Castle appear as intact when Castle is looking at them, while they are displayed as destroyed for other players