Techland today revealed that fans on Xbox One and PS4 will soon get to try out some of the maps created by PC players, although no release date has yet been confirmed.

Players with access to the game’s modding tools have been able to make customised maps for a while and will soon get the chance to create new PvP experiences.

 The game’s Community Manager revealed more on the coming changes, writing: “We said on many different occasions how much we enjoy playing maps created by our fans, but now the time has come to show it.”

“There’s so much variety and ingenuity in there, even more so since we added co-op and PvP support. One more thing: we will be making select maps available on consoles, and we will play some of them this Saturday!”

On January 23, streamed live on Twitch, starting at 6pm UK time, members of the Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition team will be playing a range of community maps created with Dying Light Dev Tools.