So just picked up Call of Duty 4: Remastered and need some tips? Read below our Top 10 tips and tricks to ensure you get a better kill streak.

  1. A good CoD4 tip is to cook a grenade before throwing it. Time it so that it has little to no delay when it reaches its destination. That way no one can run or return the grenade.
  2. Bouncing grenades/stun off of the lip on a doorway is a great way to keep your cover and clear a guy possibly hiding in a corner.
  3. Flanking with UAV Jammer and a silencer is a great way to rack kills up, as some rely heavily on their radar when UAV is up.
  4. Claymores in random places where traffic can pass through is a great way to rack up kills and prevent flanking.
  5. Martydom is great if you enjoy running into rooms with enemies.
  6. Always cover before a reload, switch weapons if you can’t.
  7. Don’t hang around in a doorway, It’s an easy way to get yourself and possibly an angry teammate who wandered by, killed.
  8. A stun followed by a grenade is effective for killing.
  9. Throwing grenades far in front of you in maps like Bog and Countdown are great for clearing enemies on the other side. Even more so if you have the Fragx3. I can’t count the number of times I’ve randomly killed players this way. It also pisses them off seeing that you just randomly tossed one into them.
  10. Sway side to side if spotted by a sniper. it’s harder for him to hit you, and you can unload for a possible kill.