Diablo III production director John Hight said that that when Blizzard began development on the game for consoles, he thought it would be impossible to release updates on console so quickly after PC. But now Blizzard can, Microsoft says, because the Xbox One is “powerful enough to handle large-form patches and can update games in the background.”

John wrote on the PlayStation Blog, “The next-gen console architecture makes it much easier for us to offer ongoing patch support for the PS4 version of the Ultimate Evil Edition,”. “This means that as we continue to patch the game on PC, we’ll now be able to roll out related patch content, as appropriate, on PS4 as well. It’ll take some additional time beyond the PC patch rollout, but we’ll get them to you as quickly as possible.”

Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition is released on August 19 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4. Blizzard recently confirmed that the Xbox One version will run in 1080p after you apply a day-one update. The PS4 version also runs in 1080p, and both iterations will offer 60fps gameplay. From what we have seen it looks fantastic and we will update you with our review on launch.