The Red Dead Redemption 2 companion app is a downloadable app which you can get on Android and iOS.
The app allows you access to a real time map, in which you will be able to see your marker moving across the map as you travel about. With the map you can also check it for missions and quests as well as set markers down for where you want to go next, which will then show up in your game.

I do like the map feature, it makes it really easy for me to select a mission and just go without having to go to the in game map. It’s right there for me to click as I’m going along.

The app also lets you check out Arthur’s journal as well as your stats to see how many missions you’ve done, stranger quests and more.

The only downside with the journal and stats side of things, when you select these options it takes you out of the app to the mobile browser. Which, I didn’t really see a point too? I ended up deleting the app and just book marking the Social Club page from Rockstar.

The app was only available on my phone, and as good as the map feature is, I felt my phone screen was too small for it to be truly effective and it made my S9 really hot. I tried looking for the App on my Tab A6, but it wasn’t compatible with that, which was disappointing as the 10’ screen on my tablet would have been perfect for it.

You also have the option to view the strategy guide, through the app which you have to pay for, as well as the games manual which can be downloaded to your device.

The in game catalogue is available, but once again, this takes you to the Social Club page on the Rockstar website.

The app feels more of a gateway than a native app with everything on it. Especially as it only seems like the interactive map is available directly. If you can get it working on a tablet then this is worth it, but just on my phone, it felt too small to be effective.