There seem to be endless LEGO video games nowadays.

And they all seem to follow a very formulaic structure, basic puzzle-based action games with a bit of fighting and re-building to move on to the next area. Then a boss fight.

Well, nothing has changed in this latest instalment of the popular kids’ franchise.

But that doesn’t mean Marvel Super Heroes 2 isn’t a decent game.

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It’s just you know exactly what you’re getting.

So expect a full-on laugh-a-minute crazy storyline that meanders from the Guardians of the Galaxy to Iron Man to Wasp and Captain America.

And you get to play the game as all of your favourites, literally dozens of characters, each having their own special abilities, like Cap’s famous shield throw.

And you have to switch between them to help solve certain puzzles the game throws at you.

It’s all fairly basic stuff and clearly set for younger gamers to enjoy.

And the funny one liners and witty 4th-wall-breaking banter that propels the action forward helps massively to lift this title above the usual LEGO fare.

Gameplay is as always, decent but samey.

While you do get to do different things with different characters, it’s all ultimately much of a muchness.

The boss fights break up the mundane action regularly, with colourful brick battles on an epic scale as you try to save the universe from the evil super villain Kang.

The game gets a slightly open-world feel across 18 Marvel locations thanks to Kang’s time-shifting efforts to bring varied worlds together.

So expect to fight your way across visibly striking vistas like the vibrant jungle of Wakanda, the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, Thor’s colourful homeland Asgard, the Avengers favourite Manhattan and even Medieval England.

All these levels are squished together into a Chronopolis, a mish-mashed world created by Kang.

The best fun is to be had with a pal playing the levels in co-op, switching between heroes and bashing back hoards of baddies.

There’s also a four-player local multiplayer mode, allowing friends and family to play competitively or cooperatively as a team in a series of themed challenges and battle arenas if you can muster a few pals together.

It’s a shame there’s no online multiplayer as this would have added longevity.

But overall you get a fun game for the kids which is very much more of the same in the LEGO universe.