With “Madden NFL 16” nearing its release date, more exciting details are being revealed about the game.

According to the official EA Sports website, “Madden NFL 16” will come with the Play Ball — or the Ball Hawk — feature, which “ensures the most aggressive path possible to the ball.”

With this move, the player could handle the ball by holding the triangle button until the pass is released.

“Play Ball is the best way to challenge the receiver for the catch, but comes at the risk of triggering a catch animation behind the receiver and giving up a big play,” EA Sports tipped.

Other great moves within the game are the play receiver (hold the A/X button once the pass is thrown to the receiver), organic gang tackles (physics-based), defensive quick adjustments and other improvements, such as the elimination of warping from the tackling system.

An official blogpost previously said that the upcoming game has done its best to give a realistic play to the users.

“Like millions of other fans, watching games on TV is how I became a fan of the NFL. So, we decided to create cameras that are grounded in reality, but are also not possible in broadcast. Thus, ‘On the Field’ cameras were born. These cameras are close in proximity to the players during their biggest moments, including touchdowns, sacks, and even as two players from opposing teams are jawing at each other,” the blog post read.

As noted by FanSided, “Madden NFL 16” has gathered a great fan following, which prompted graphic artist Matt Steller to create customized covers for each of the 32 teams. These are all posted on his Twitter account.

The same report said these are “epic” creations. It may be interesting if users can choose who they want on the cover of their game, aside from main man Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants.

GameFocus took note of Benjamin Ramsour’s remarks, “Madden NFL 16” development director, who said, “‘Madden’ averaged over 5 songs per year by bands that went on to top the music charts.” These golden years spanned 2003 – 2012.

Ramsour also revealed that the game will feature a soundtrack from a “diverse roster of soon-to-be-breakthrough artists.”

Set for release on Aug. 25, “Madden NFL 16” will run for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

It can be pre-ordered from EA Sports’ official website.