Monster Hunter World is the upcoming game in the Monster Hunter franchise that will be representing the fifth generation in the series, Monster Hunter World is gradually becoming a big deal with a handful of entirely new features to the franchise.

By introducing the new fifth generation in the series, Monster Hunter World will continue its classic formula on monster hunting, but revamp many aspects to be loved by returning fans, as well as the new wave of players that want to jump into the series. Unlike installments like Monster Hunter Generations and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate that were set and based off previous games in the same generation, Monster Hunter World is the first step into the next generation and will seemingly set new heights, mechanics, and possibilities for future Monster Hunter games.

A new addition to Monster Hunter World are the use of mantles – essentially “cloaks” that players can utilize in battles, each with their very own unique abilities, specialties, and benefits. This can indefinitely change the way playing with friends work as each member can specialize in a certain fighting style not only based on their weapon or armor, but also with the mantle they equip. Whether you want to be a more aggressive or defensive fighter, mantles are sure to help with shaping your ideal play style.

If there’s anything more exciting than the actual gameplay within a game, it’s the character customization and creation of who will represent you in-game. While character creation and customization isn’t a new feature in Monster Hunter World, there will be an insane amount of detail that players can edit that is unlike any other past Monster Hunter game. In addition, Palicoes play a major role in Monster Hunter World allowing you to customize your own Palico companion to your liking.