Sadly buyers are already flogging Sony’s new limited edition range of PS4 Pro consoles on eBay for thousands of pounds.

The £450 ‘PS4 Pro 500 Million’ console went on sale, but sold out in the UK very quickly.

Now cash-hungry scalpers are trying to turn on a profit after snapping up the consoles.

Sony announced the new console earlier this month as a way to celebrate the sale of more than 525.3million PlayStations globally.

But a limited run of just 50,000 units meant that online stores sold out of the special edition console in a matter of hours.

We have found dozens of listings for the console on eBay, with prices rising up to nearly £4,000.

Currently, the most expensive listing is priced at £3,983.61 on a buy-it-now basis with £52.95 postage.

The listing has 31 watchers, despite the listings being for pre-orders only – the console doesn’t actually start shipping until August 24.

The highest “sold” listing we saw was £1,138.17, while most others typically ranged between £700 and £800.

That means scalpers are generally bagging a profit of around £250 to £350.