Sony revised the PS4 hardware recently and gave us a new model that was less power hungry, quieter and cooler – but it seems the new hardware hasn’t been used on PS4s that are now being sold with a 1TB hard drive.

TechRadar have issued a stark warning not to buy the 1TB version of the console if you’re planning to buy a PS4 – and urging you to pick up the 500GB version instead.

The reason is because the 500GB version on shelves is the “CUH-1200” version of the hardware – which is 36% more power efficient when in rest mode and will use 25% less power when operating, whereas the 1TB version is the old model, “CUH-1100”, just with a bigger hard drive inside.

The new version of the hardware also has a smaller motherboard and a redesigned Blu-Ray drive.

If you want to check which version of the hardware you have, check this sticker on your console:

Let us know if you have a new 1TB console but with the old ‘guts’ inside….