This is The Police! by Weappy Studios Opening with a grand cut scene narrated by Jack, the police chief & main character, he gives the the tell all & grind of everyday police work in Freeburg. The night life of cigars, beers, & half dressed waitresses along with cooperating with the Mafia itself is only the beginning of this game. Your mission is very very clear. Make 500.000$ in 180 days, before Jack Boyd goes to retirement. How? The many options of the game will show you off to that.

A point & click based game, This is the Police, first gives you, Jack Boyd, an entire staff to work with. From your everyday officer, to your detective, to your mole is what you will be starting with. Crimes will be happening around the city here & there while you delegate which cops & how many are needed to attend the scene. Some cops have the chance to not come back with the culprit escaping.

This is where strategy comes in as your elite staff of cops have lives that also matter outside of being a cop. They each have characteristics that show which cops work harder, show more effort, who stays up late to drink more & who is plain not cut out for this work.

This in lines with the your police forces overall strength & ability on that task they can accomplish. Each rank of officer has a professionalism stat which shows the efficiency level of policeman & how they progress through their career

Many types of crimes are available in This is the Police & all involve different levels of thinking to know who to send out. From your average brawl, to a carjacking, all the way up to a bank robbery, make sure you pick your squad right so your officers can return to the station unharmed.

Criminals are not the only thing to worry about as well hence the media always will have questions about your various drug raids & overall decisions you make as a police chief. Throughout the game their will be dialogue with the media & other characters that will determine the path & legacy of your days as commissioner. Play your cards right because the Mafia will be watching your every word.

The art & comic book style scenes are pretty advanced for a person like me. Every scene in this game looks fairly vintage. Also before your shift everyday, you even get to pick out a smooth jazz record for you & your guys at the office to enjoy.