A brand new Troll and I trailer showcases a few of the core gameplay parts within the upcoming story of a boy and his big, dreadlocked, and extremely harmful monster.

Troll and I is about within the Scandanavian countryside within the 1950s, the place individuals for some motive imagine within the existence of a legendary, harmful troll who inhabits the world. An area wealthy man decides he desires to seize the beast, presumably to place it on some sort of King Kong-style public exhibit—though he isn’t too choosy about whether or not it is taken useless or alive. Naturally, the goon squad he hires is firmly within the “do it useless” camp, and so their ham-fisted efforts cut up the Earth open, unleashing a military of Orcs who aren’t as excited as you may take into consideration the prospect of creating new associates.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd4qSm-nZn8″/]

Amidst all the thrill, a younger boy named Otto meets an enormous monster named Troll, and collectively they set off to wash up the mess. Troll is a big beast who can absorb, and dish out, huge quantities of harm, whereas Otto is a fast, agile stealth-meister with the flexibility to craft numerous sorts of weapons. Characters will be switched “seamlessly, on the fly,” or managed collectively, with Otto driving on Troll’s shoulder.

Troll and I is scheduled for launch on March 21