Vadim Pinskiy is currently the VP of The Research and Software Development Department at the Nanotronics Imaging company. His main responsibilities are overseeing product design, unfunded short-dated research and technological development, and long-term development of AI platforms. Since 2018, Vadim has managed a top-of-the-line research study team to generate extra revenues by applying new unconventional hardware, computer-aided learning (or unsupervised machine learning), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and optical mediums for semi-conductive inspection applications.

Working like this for several years, Vadim Pinskiy has established a reputation as a skillful and experienced leader with specialized knowledge of build program techniques and constructing strategies to address risks and correspond with the needs of top-tier organizations. His pyramidic success in the industry and the career of almost 10 years have led to the work with the most large-scale leaders such as Polaroid and Kodak.

Apart from this, Vadim Pinskiy is known for easily moving from preliminary visualization and planning to HOT expert assessments. He always makes sure that companies, clients, and stockholders enjoy the best possible results.

Educational Background

Vadim Pinskiy completed his doctoral dissertation in neural science, with the focus on mouse neuro-anatomy using high capacity (HTP) whole slide imaging and advanced tracking methods. Previously, he earned his Master Degree in biological engineering from Cornell University and the degrees of bachelor and master of science in bio-medicine from the Stevens Institute of Technology.

Software Patents and Inventions

Being a part of numerous inventions by Nanotronics, Vadim has filed for the following patents:

  • Systems, Methods, and Media for Manufacturing Processes (2020);
  • Dynamic training for assembly lines (2019);
  • Fluorescence microscopy inspection systems, apparatus and methods (2019);
  • Systems, Devices, and Methods For Providing Feedback On and Improving The Accuracy Of Super-Resolution Imaging (2020);
  • Systems, devices and methods for automatic microscope focus (2018);
  • Systems, methods, and media for artificial intelligence feedback control in additive manufacturing (2018);
  • Method and apparatus for capnography-guided intubation (2007), and many others.

All the patents mentioned above have already been approved by the USPTO.

Other Details

In 2019, Vadim Pinskiy participated in O’Reilly AI Conference in San Jose, California. He made a speech on Machine Learning, Mobile Computing, IoT, Edge, and Reinforcement Learning (secondary topics). Also, Vadim authored several scientific refereed articles in control systems, AI, and optics.