Are you Looking to take your racing to the next level? We get to grips with the latest racing wheel to come from the Thrustmaster team, the Special Driveclub edition of the Thrustmaster T80 which is the first official Playstation licensed racing wheel for the Playstation 4.

As racing games become more specialised, the genre has been broken up into smaller segments, such as open-world exploration, and simulation motorsport. With so many racing games now available “Driveclub” is set for release this October 7 which will be released for the Playstation 4 console (Next-Gen) and looks to be possibly one of this year’s top racing games.

If you are a serious motorsport fan it probably is time to take it to the next level and purchase a wheel and pedal set which offer a much wider range of inputs compared to your controller using the analogue stick with triggers. If you want to go even faster and post your best lap time then this latest wheel from Thrustmaster just may help you get pole position.

With the T80 you cannot only play DriveClub, but it will also be compatible with all Playstation 3 and 4 games. The T80 was specifically designed for the Playstation 4 boasts a number of features that take advantage of the console’s functionality. Officially embedded firmware will allow the PS4 to automatically recognise the T80 which means it is very easy to set up, just simply plug and play. It also has a dedicated ‘Share’ button so with previous wheels that work with the PS4 you would of had to use the controller in order to upload your quickest lap time, but with the T80 you simply press the butto. Other buttons such as ‘Options’ and ‘PS’ buttons are included to fully replicate the PS4 controller. In total, the T80 wheel features 11 action buttons, 2 paddles plus a multi-directional d-pad. A Central clamping system is included with wide jaws for optimal stability that is suitable for all desk and table types.

The T80 Racing Wheel combines great comfort with comprehensive equipment. The device’s 25 cm / 12 in. diameter wheel and rubber-textured cladding offer superior grip – a feature that all players will enjoy during long racing sessions. The handling remains smooth in all circumstances, thanks to the racing wheel’s realistic linear resistance, delivered by Thrustmaster’s exclusive Bungee Cord technology and the automatic re-centering feature.

So where does this wheel come in the Thrustmaster Wheel range? it is a budget entry level wheel which is ideal for beginners who are keen racing fans but do not want to spend a few hundred pounds. It looks the part and from the moment you hold the wheel in your hands you cant tell it is a very well designed wheel. The only draw back for some fans will be the no clutch pedal together with force feedback. This will only upset the real racing fans but to be honest for the price I honestly do not think you should expect one. If a clutch pedal is a must for you then why not take a look at thrustmaster’s full range or racing wheel and pedals which offer a variety of force feedback wheels and 3 pedal set’s. We can recommend the Thrustmaster T500 RS racing wheel and pedal set but this will still set you back around £300+ so quite a big difference if you are only playing now and again.

With Driveclub not released just yet it only really enables you to play Need For Speed Rivals on the Playstation 4 console which we tried and tested. It worked very well and ended up being great fun. Future titles set for release on the Playstation 4 are: DRIVECLUB, F1 2015, Project CARS, THE CREWS and various Other titles coming very soon makes it worth a purchase.

The T80 Racing Wheel is available now with a suggested retail price of $99.99

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