After the latest domineering Forza game wowed fans last month it’s time for another big road racer.

But WRC5, a game based on the rally championships, isn’t quite in the same league.

Armed with the WRC 4 experience, Bigben Interactive collaborates this year with Kylotonn Games in order to provide the best gaming experience for rally fans. By being focused on the community’s needs and on the desire to offer a real simulation, the working teams succeed to produce a worthy result for the greatest licenses. Official content, fresh new game modes and intense competitions are present in this new game, real turning point of the WRC series.

WRC 5 is the official rally game of the FIA ​​World Rally Championship. From snowy Sweden to the wooded Wales, there is plenty of variation with over 5 stages available for each of the 13 rallies, WRC 5 provides you 65 unique and original trails. You can’t get round the same bend twice and more than 350kms of stages are waiting for you!

Career mode, create their own rider and you try to work to the top. You will then be trained on Rally School, a disguised tutorial mode which unfortunately is too strict and thereby leads pretty quickly to frustration. Real racing you learn mostly by doing it simply and guess what, this is what you soon. WRC 5 controls namely quite decent. Differences between surfaces are noticeable, but the overall handling of the default settings can be called free arcade. It also gives you not love the ability to make the game more challenging or easier, as are the tools and abilities hidden in a rather illogical menu that you can only reach via the options in the main menu.

The Kt Engine HD is a fully featured latest generation cross-platforms game engine (PC – PlayStation 4 PlayStation 3 – PS Vita – Xbox One – Xbox 360)

The first race of my career in five straight WRC went ok, I was allowed time and time again climb on the highest stage, and partly because of the lack of intermediate positions, eventually led me to wonder whether I was now so good, or the game just as easily. To take the test it, I drove my next race and I pressed then immediately restart. With time the number two in my mind, I deliberately drove a few seconds slower, so I go significantly lower in the ranking should come. It turns out I was again first and second again, followed by more than two seconds. Also on higher difficulty levels, including the most difficult, the dynamic determination of the final score appeared to be present. Fly your really down several times on the track and you drive your car fully in the mash, then grab you around next to a medal, but nevertheless the AI ​​remains highly dubious. WRC 5 seems to believe that winning is always more fun than losing and be therefore in most cases proceed deliberately with the first prize to get. A healthy gamer, however, loves challenges and will thus be soon tired of all single player modes.

In addition to the career mode and Rally School, you can also start a fast race and one or more rallies play your choice. I can not deny that getting to know all the stages of his time can be enormous fun, but the lack of any kind of challenge in all single player modes throws spanner in the works. Fortunately, you can also battle with friends and strangers in multiplayer mode. As many as eight people can play against each other online. You take turns playing or what the tension a bit from gets, but what may be fun for some fanatical friends who also have some knowledge rally. Online comes five WRC only really shines. At least, for now. The fight against others is fun, challenging and above all very exciting. Every driving mistake can be fatal, causing a race often only be decided on the last meters. Unfortunately, a lack of online modes ensures that you are played online soon. You can compete against other players just because an internship after internship. So it is not even possible to complete an entire rally online with some other players. Too bad, because it could have been quite cool.

You’ll never experienced such excitement as in example DiRT rally, partly because the game offers plenty of ways to fix a mistake, it can still discovering all the tracks provide some excitement. Moreover WRC sees five there at times quite nice and the game provides the necessary variation. The various countries ensuring plurality of sets, but also there can be found at various times (such as at night) and for racing, there are a number of weather conditions to choose from. Nice, but unfortunately the game provoked by technical problems. Poop so the frame rate settled in, has five WRC suffered from pop-up, and the game in the rain considerably uglier. Sounds your co-driver rather monotonous and knows he or she put the interplay between him or her and the driver does not believable down.