Bad news for some users of the Xbox One stereo headset adapter who have confirmed they are running into audio issues with in-game chat. Microsoft are currently looking into the problem it has been confirmed.

Xbox One owners are reporting on the Astro Gaming forums and various Xbox forums that game audio comes through just fine for them, but other players are telling them that their voice chat is distorted and crackling.

The Xbox One comes with an adapter for the included mono headset, but third-party units like the ones from Astro, Turtle Beach and others require the Microsoft official stereo headset adapter, which costs retails for £19.99.

From my previous experience with the xbox one console mono headset it was all working fine until a friend started to hear a loud crackling noise and confirmed he could barely hear me. I was hoping that once the chat adaptor arrives I could plug in my Turtle Beach headset and continue online with no chat issues (fingers are crossed).

This issue is not the greatest of new for Xbox fans but hopefully Microsoft issue a quick fix.

We will keep you updated with news on this issue but if you have any issues with your xbox chat let us know.