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Apex Legends Season 1 Lands at 10:00AM Pacific tomorrow (Tuesday)

What others call dangerous, Legends call Tuesday. Season 1: Wild Frontier coming at 10:00AM Pacific tomorrow.

Over 50 million players later and “Apex Legends” is just now getting its first Battle Pass – it costs 950 Apex Coins ($9.50) and is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday across all platforms.

Apex Coins are the virtual currency in “Apex Legends.” 1,000 coins is equal to $10.
EA/Respawn Entertainment

If you’re one of the millions of people coming to a Battle Royale game for the first time with “Apex Legends,” the Battle Pass concept may be new to you. But don’t worry: It’s easy to understand.

In short, a Battle Pass adds additional objectives to any given match that players can complete for to earn loot for their characters. Maybe you have to get 10 headshots in a certain part of the map, or collect all the level-two attachments for a specific weapon – and in exchange, the game rewards you with something.

In the case of “Apex Legends,” the first Battle Pass enables players to earn “over 100” new items by completing objectives.

What kind of new items? “Legend skins, Apex Coins, a legendary Havoc skin and more,” an EA representative told Business Insider.

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