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Call Of Duty Ghosts Best Weapon Setup

One of the best perks and weapons set-up in Name Of Responsibility: Ghosts

Name Of Responsibility Ghosts Finest Weapon setup


Play Laborious

Honey Badger appears to be the choose of the assault rifles, because of its accuracy, fireplace charge and built-in silencer. This construct is solely about getting your pictures in first (Prepared Up, Quickdraw) with a watch in the direction of retaining a number of ammo for prolonged killstreak runs (Prolonged Mags, Scavenger). You need to commonly hit Sat Com to get you began, with Battle Hind and Loki being your final objective. No secondary weapon means you get an additional perk to play with. Focus means you flinch much less when shot however you’ll be able to change it out for Painkiller on this set-up, so your well being regens sooner.

Major Weapon: Honey Badger
Major Attachment 1: Foregrip
Major Attachment 2: Prolonged Mags
Secondary: None
Deadly Grenade: Grenade
Tactical Grenade: Flashbang
Perks: Prepared Up, Stalker, Quickdraw, Scavenger, Focus
Assault Scorestreaks: Sat Com, Battle Hind, Loki

Play Defensively

For those who’re taking part in defensively, you wish to use I.E.D. as your deadly (basically the substitute for claymores/bouncing betties/and many others) and Additional Deadly lets you take two of them. This set-up is all about understanding the place the enemies are round you – Movement Sensor, Sat Com and Evening Owl will reveal enemy places, as will Amplify and Ping. Honey Badger has an inbuilt silencer, so that you’ll principally keep off the enemy’s radar.

If you wish to use an Assault killstreak, Guard Canine and Vultures are extraordinarily highly effective for any gamers tenting. Not that we’d ever encourage such behaviour, in fact, however the recommendation is there if you’d like it.

Major Weapon: Honey Badger
Major Attachment 1: Foregrip
Major Attachment 2: Prolonged Mags
Secondary Weapon: None
Deadly Tools: I.E.D.
Tactical Tools: Movement Sensor
Perks: Takedown, Amplify, Painkiller, Additional Deadly, Ping
Help Killstreaks: Sat Com, Evening Owl, Juggernaut Recon

Be Fast, Be Quiet

That is designed for velocity and stealth. Major weapon is forsaken for the sooner pistol and the thought is to get as many melee kills as doable, saving pistol rounds for enemies simply ducking out of attain or determined conditions. Ammo can be a difficulty with this class however you’ll be able to assault from angles no different gamers will fairly anticipate (you’ll be able to sacrifice throwing knife for the Gambler perk).

Major Weapon: None
Secondary Weapon: P226
Secondary Attachment: Tac-Knife
Deadly Tools: Throwing Knife
Tactical Tools: None
Perks: Agility, Marathon, Incog, Off The Grid
Help Killstreak: Sat Com, Evening Owl, Floor Jammer

Spray And Pray

That is the best set-up for fast killing, tailor-made in the direction of decreasing recoil and guaranteeing you’ll be able to dash and shoot with out having to suppose or pay an excessive amount of consideration. It has apparent limitations in place, the principle compromise being that you may’t actually assault mid to long-range targets successfully. However as a simple, derpy, running-around-shooting set-up, this can do the job.

Major Weapon: Vector
Major Attachment 1: Prolonged Clip
Major Attachment 2: Foregrip
Secondary Weapon: P226
Deadly Tools: Semtex
Tactical Tools: Flashbang
Perk: Prepared Up, Stalker, On The Go, Regular Intention
Assaults Scorestreaks: Sat Com, Guard Canine, Sentry Gun

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