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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Review

Crops vs Zombies Backyard Warfare Overview

You’d be improper in considering tower defence sport couldn’t presumably flip into a good third-person shooter. Crops vs Zombies: Backyard Warfare is totally different from different shooters. It’s a enjoyable affair, with quick paced fight between 24 gamers.


The sport has a singular class system. Neither facet has an actual benefit in any of the sport modes. Each class within the sport options three skills. These skills are different and provide a singular twist when it comes to gameplay. On the vegetation group we’ve the Peashooter, the Cactus, the Chomper and the Sunflower. The peashooter is assault based mostly, the cactus is a sniper and the sunflower is a medic. The peashooter can enhance his/her pace and switch right into a Gatling gun. The Cactus can plant limitations and drop mortars and the Chomper can sneak up on enemies earlier than consuming them complete. The zombies have troopers, engineers, scientists and All-Star American soccer gamers. The lessons play out just like their plant counterparts.

You get your commonplace shooter modes. Crew Vanquish is a typical deathmatch mode, the place the primary to 50 kills wins. Reviving downed teammates subtracts a degree from the enemy’s rating. This encourages teamwork, very similar to the Battlefield sequence and its ticket sequence. There may be additionally Gardens and Graveyards, which is an assault and defend mode the place the Zombies have to overtake quite a lot of gardens earlier than time runs out. The ultimate spherical all the time incorporates a distinctive exercise like destroying the roots of a large sunflower lighthouse.


You additionally get a mode, which has similarities to the tower defence gameplay from the unique sport. It’s a horde-like survival mode that pits you in opposition to AI zombies. This can be performed split-screen, which is unavailable in different modes. Gamers need to construct and shield a plantvszombies2_00backyard from waves of zombies. You aren’t simply caught to 1 space, like Nazi Zombies in Name of Obligation. You need to prepare your defences based mostly on which sort of wave you might be in opposition to. Engineer zombies can teleport previous your flowerpots; which means long-range assaults are key. You even have a restricted variety of pots and earn extra through booster packs that may be bought with in-game foreign money. This makes matches tenser and also you are inclined to hold maintain of assets. These booster packs additionally present equipment, which means you’ll be able to customise your lessons. It’s restricted however is a pleasant addition.

Backyard Warfare implements the humour discovered within the tower defence sport. The Cacti run round sniping enemies with spines and may plant bombs on their backs. Chompers burrow underground and spit goo on enemies to sluggish them down. You get the obese engineer zombie along with his however crack hanging out and the entire sport oozes enjoyable. It’s surprisingly tactical and is greatest performed with mates or with a headset.


The maps on provide add a little bit of selection every time you do the identical sport mode. Some have excessive floor benefits, while others are confined and shut quarter oriented. There’s an enormous selection in degree design, ensuring the sport doesn’t really feel repetitive.

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