The free ‘Siege & Conquest’ update for Grand Ages: Medieval is making its way to the PlayStation 4. Releasing today as a free update from the PlayStation Store, the new update brings with it some exciting new improvements and additions that will enhance warfare and add new options for expanding your empire – all completely free of charge!

Headlining the new content is the addition of city walls, available in two varieties and designed to help protect against the loss of morale when your cities are being besieged, buying you time to get your defences organised. As with the rest of your city there is no need to micro-manage or change the walls as your city expands.

You know what they say – the bigger they are, the harder they fall – and the introduction of city walls means that a new weapon is available to aid in their destruction. The ‘Trebuchet Master’ is sure to help aggressive conquerors in speeding up their sieges and tearing down city walls. But be careful – these powerful units can’t defend themselves…

As well as these improvements to land-based activities, the open seas will also see some improvements in the new update. Colony ships are a pricey but immensely useful new unit can travel unlimited distances to help you spread your influence across continents. However, there are limits and even dangers to be found on the water – pirates will now roam the seas, desperately seeking undefended colony ships just waiting to be plundered!

Alongside the new features, the ‘Siege & Conquest’ update introduces a host of other changes, bug fixes and improvements. Check out the full changelog here.