If you’re in the market for a new Xbox One controller, Microsoft has announced a couple of nice-looking new color options you’ll be able to get your hands on soon. The publisher unveiled the new special edition Phantom Black controller and the Grey/Blue controller, both of which are slated to hit stores next month.

Both the Phantom Black and Grey/Blue controllers are available for pre-order from the Microsoft Store. You can order the former here and the latter here. Both are also wireless and come with the all of the other standard features found on modern Xbox One controllers, including a 3.5mm stereo jack, Bluetooth, and textured grip. In some regions, the controllers will also come with free 14-day trials for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

If neither of those colors appeals to you, Microsoft recently announced that the special edition Armed Forces controller is returning due to “popular demand.” The camo-colored gamepad retails for $70 and, in the US, is available exclusively from Walmart and the Microsoft Store. The company also recently released a nice-looking Sport White Xbox One controller that likewise runs for $70.