Good news for Batman Arkham Knight fans – the first major DLC pack has already dropped.

The A Matter of Family DLC pack sees you taking to the shapely boots of the heroine known as Batgirl as she gets into some serious trouble on the streets of Gotham. Her father (that’s Commissioner Gordon by the way) has been taken hostage by the Joker and she’s been ordered to come alone or things will get even nastier. Check out the trailer above.

The DLC pack is now available on PS4 and Xbox One worldwide – though that’s only if you have bought into the season pass. The content will be available for a standalone fee at some future time but for right now it’s only for people who have paid the extra €40 for all future content. It’s a steep price, expecially when you consider the base game runs at least €70. That said, Warner Bros has promised six months of frequently released content including new races, baddies, maps, skins and these story elements.