German game publisher astragon and the Austrian developer team stillalive studios are happy to announce a real highlight for all simulation fans today: Their upcoming game Bus Simulator 16 will offer players not only the opportunity to drive buses licensed by the popular German maker MAN, but also the chance to slip into the role of an ambitious bus operator, who tackles the challenge of managing the whole bus schedule of one gigantic German city!

In his role as a bus operator the player will not only be able to drive his very own urban buses, he will also be expected to draw up detailed schedules and to make sure that his passengers reach their destinations always safe and sound. Thanks to an integrated reputation system, this means much more than simple punctuality. Just as their real life counterparts, virtual bus drivers need not only to master the controls of their vehicle and to follow the traffic rules and their schedule, but also to communicate with their passengers, sell tickets and handle the different moods of the commuters. The better a player copes with these challenges, the better his reputation will be, which in turn influences the popularity of the bus routes operated by him. Good management will also of course mean financial success and even more and better buses for the player’s company.

A real highlight of Bus Simulator 16, are of course the two original licensed buses by MAN, which have been faithfully reproduced based on the models of the popular German truck and bus manufacturer. Creative minds will also be pleased to hear of the possibility to personalize their company and vehicles. Team workers will find lots of like-minded colleagues in the extensive multiplayer mode of the game.
Bus Simulator 16 will be available in retail and as download for PC and Mac OS in winter 2015. For more information about the game and its development,