The best perks and weapons set-up in Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Call Of Duty Ghosts Best Weapon setup

Play Hard

Honey Badger seems to be the pick of the assault rifles, thanks to its accuracy, fire rate and built-in silencer. This build is purely about getting your shots in first (Ready Up, Quickdraw) with an eye towards keeping lots of ammo for lengthy killstreak runs (Extended Mags, Scavenger). You should regularly hit Sat Com to get you started, with Battle Hind and Loki being your ultimate goal. No secondary weapon means you get an extra perk to play with. Focus means you flinch less when shot but you can switch it out for Painkiller in this set-up, so your health regens faster.

Primary Weapon: Honey Badger
Primary Attachment 1: Foregrip
Primary Attachment 2: Extended Mags
Secondary: None
Lethal Grenade: Grenade
Tactical Grenade: Flashbang
Perks: Ready Up, Stalker, Quickdraw, Scavenger, Focus
Assault Scorestreaks: Sat Com, Battle Hind, Loki

Play Defensively

If you’re playing defensively, you want to use I.E.D. as your lethal (essentially the replacement for claymores/bouncing betties/etc) and Extra Lethal allows you to take two of them. This set-up is all about knowing where the enemies are around you – Motion Sensor, Sat Com and Night Owl will reveal enemy locations, as will Amplify and Ping. Honey Badger has an inbuilt silencer, so you’ll mostly stay off the enemy’s radar.

If you want to use an Assault killstreak, Guard Dogs and Vultures are extremely powerful for any players camping. Not that we’d ever encourage such behaviour, of course, but the advice is there if you want it.

Primary Weapon: Honey Badger
Primary Attachment 1: Foregrip
Primary Attachment 2: Extended Mags
Secondary Weapon: None
Lethal Equipment: I.E.D.
Tactical Equipment: Motion Sensor
Perks: Takedown, Amplify, Painkiller, Extra Lethal, Ping
Support Killstreaks: Sat Com, Night Owl, Juggernaut Recon

Be Quick, Be Quiet

This is designed for speed and stealth. Primary weapon is forsaken for the faster pistol and the idea is to get as many melee kills as possible, saving pistol rounds for enemies just ducking out of reach or desperate situations. Ammo will be an issue with this class but you can attack from angles no other players will reasonably expect (you can sacrifice throwing knife for the Gambler perk).

Primary Weapon: None
Secondary Weapon: P226
Secondary Attachment: Tac-Knife
Lethal Equipment: Throwing Knife
Tactical Equipment: None
Perks: Agility, Marathon, Incog, Off The Grid
Support Killstreak: Sat Com, Night Owl, Ground Jammer

Spray And Pray

This is the easiest set-up for quick killing, tailored towards lowering recoil and ensuring you can sprint and shoot without having to think or pay too much attention. It has obvious limitations in place, the main compromise being that you can’t really attack mid to long-range targets effectively. But as an easy, derpy, running-around-shooting set-up, this will do the job.

Primary Weapon: Vector
Primary Attachment 1: Extended Clip
Primary Attachment 2: Foregrip
Secondary Weapon: P226
Lethal Equipment: Semtex
Tactical Equipment: Flashbang
Perk: Ready Up, Stalker, On The Go, Steady Aim
Assaults Scorestreaks: Sat Com, Guard Dog, Sentry Gun

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