The COD Reinforce mode has been launched today for a limited run, bringing a new 4v4 experience to Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.“Reinforce is a team elimination 4v4 mode where you capture points to revive fallen teammates. Taking all points or killing the enemy team will win the round,” a message from Infinity Ward confirms.Reinforce is going to be around for long though, fans have until Monday, January 9 to try it out before it’s taken offline again.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Reinforce mode is live now until Monday, Jan. 9 4pm UK time.

Infinity Ward also provided a tip for players who are looking to take on the new multiplayer challenge, adding: “You may want to wait to capture your first point until you need to revive your teammates that fell while taking “B”.

“As an elimination mode, move tactically and remember teamwork is key.”Call of Duty Infinite Warfare fans can also expect some surprising new content on Xbox One and PS4.Blood Anvil logos have been posted to Reddit, while the trailer sees Commander Viktor Krushkin tell viewers that all the missions and all the killings have led to this point.