One of the most anticipated indie video game titles to have released in recent years has been No Man’s Sky. The video game practically has become a massive hit and many Xbox One owners are feeling left out.

Luckily for you Microsoft gamers out there, an Xbox One version of the game may be in the works.

An interview exchange between Daily Star and Hello Games founder, Sean Murray. The question was rather simple  as Daily Star mentioned No Man’s Sky on Xbox One. As for Sean’s response, he really did’nt give one other than saying that he had to be incredibly careful with his words and that he was unsure of what he could say at this time.

Before anymore was stated, a Sony rep stepped in and said that there was nothing more that they could add at this time. This sounds like a timed exclusivity deal with PC and Sony platforms right now. However, this is purely speculative as Sean Murray didn’t necessarily state that the game was coming down the pipeline.