F1 2014 is finally here and as a true F1 fan I could not wait to get my hands on this title.

Codemasters first announced that there would be no Xbox One or PS4 version until next year, only releasing on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

Codemasters confirmed “There’s been a dramatic shift in the sport; the largest shake up in the rules and regulations for a very long time and the new power units provide a very different kind of challenge, for both driver and team. By delivering all of these changes, F1 2014 will make for an exciting and refreshingly different experience. Additionally, with the new driver evaluation system analysing each player’s skill level and suggesting appropriate game settings, plus re-graded difficulty levels including a brand new Very Easy setting, we aim to deliver a thoroughly rewarding F1 experience for players of all abilities, from the novice to the seasoned pro.”

With this years new engines the sound has been a major part of this title, they have replicated the exact sound of the Formular One engines and it really does sound great. From the moment you start the game, you feel at home with the same layout as previous F1 titles with an easy to navigate menu system. There is in fact less content on offer this time around, with the young driver test mode and much-touted classic cars and circuits from 2013 completely absent, although scenario mode returns better than ever and is one of the game’s strongest areas. Career mode has also been scaled back, as rather than working your way from the back of the grid to a front running team over a series of seasons, you are now able to choose any team from season one.

Two major changes are the removal of all the retro ’80s and ’90s content from last year’s games. This was a real highlight of the 2013 game and I feel they should of kept it in, but it gone so onwards and upwards we move.

This years controls are notably different to last year. No same car feels the same, if you are racing a Red Bull then you feel light and whizz round the track but if you race a Marussia then it feels heavy and clunky, poor Max Chilton!

Everything else about the game is identical to last year, from the cut scenes to the pit radio, to the interface and the race structure. You do get challenge mode and season challenge mode back, which again seems to be aimed at a casual players, but it’s nothing new.

Any true F1 fan will buy this game no matter what the score review is, as they expect the latest teams and drivers on the track. All we can hope for is the next gen version to arrive sooner rather than later and they bring back the classic racing as a bonus together with live racing commentary, we would love to hear Martin Brundle!

Formats: PlayStation 3 (reviewed), Xbox 360, and PC
Price: £39.99
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Codemasters Birmingham
Release Date: 17th October 2014