Forza Horizon 3 is the latest open world racing video game from Playground Games. The game is exclusive for Xbox One and PC.

As nowadays almost every new game has achievements and trophies for the players to unlock and keep them busy, Forza Horizon 3 is no exception. In Forza Horizon 3 Achievements Guide we will list all the achievements that players can unlock and we’ll also tell you how to unlock these achievements in the game.


There are a total of 64 achievements for players to unlock for the PC and Xbox One. You will also increase your gamer level by earning 1,000 gameScore points. Following is the list of all the achievements of Forza Horizon 3;

Forza Horizon 3 Achievements:

1 – Welcome to Your Horizon (10G Points): Just open the Horizon Festival site by putting on the spectacular Showcase.

2 – You’re the Boss (10G Points): Expand Horizon Festival for first time.

3 – One of Us (10G Points): Win first Exhibition Race as a Horizon Festival Boss.

4 – Stay on Target (10G Points): Get 3 Stars on the Danger Sign.

5 – Do you even… oh, you do (10G Points): Get 3 Stars on the Drift Zone.

6 – You’re Hired! (10G Points): Hire Drivatar for the Drivatar Lineup.

7 – You’re Fired! (20G Points): Fill Drivatar Lineup, then fire Drivatar to make a room for another.

8 – Racer’s Paradise (20G Points): Open Festival in the Surfers Paradise.

9 – First Time Buyer (10G Points): Visit an Auto-show and buy a car.

10 – Champ (10G Points): Just win a championship.

11 – Tonight We Ride (10G Points): Win first Street Race.

12 – The Architect (10G Points): Blueprint & complete the exhibition.

13 – The Player (10G Points): just Complete Exhibition Blueprint of another player.

14 – I’ll Just Take This Now (10G Points): Win the first Midnight Battle.

15 – Like a Needle in The Outback (10G Points): Find first Barn Find.