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We have a new God of War; However, a good marketing strategy to keep the game alive in the minds of his fans is a remastering. We may be in favor or against and, although I would prefer a new title, the lack of backward compatibility in the Sony PlayStation 4 obliges capital to revive their products closer to the past to new generations. Unfortunately, the passage of time and advances in the design of modern game do feel God of War III: Remastered a bit old-looking despite its 1080p and 60 frames per second constants.

God Of War III is a mixture of the first two reasons. A new God Of War hasn’t yet been announce for the PlayStation 4 but it’s been being teased for years, and a quick remaster is a useful way to keep the franchise’s name in the public consciousness. But much like Uncharted and The Last Of Us, God Of War III is already one of the best looking games of the last generation – so there’s really not much to update. And yet the first two PlayStation 2 titles have been ignored, because they’d involve too much work to remaster.

In visual terms, God of War III is still impressive. Browse the kingdom of Hades, behold the flame of Olympus, talk to Hephaestus in his solitary forge, all are moments that could be translated into a Greek fresh. However, finding a larger scale also causes problems with combat game. Developers favored quantity over quality, even at high difficulties, it is necessary to use crowd control movements. Therefore, except in rare cases, the game tends naturally to botonazo instead of technique and strategy, as in Ascension . Most times, the simplest solution is to hold an enemy and use it to overthrow the other.

God of War III shines in moments of overwhelming difficulty: the last section of the maze, suicide dogs, certain boss battles. It is in these moments when you should plan a strategy and leverage your tools, or die over and over again without remedy. At lower difficulties, the game becomes a pleasant, though indulgent experience. While God of War lacks the subtlety of combat systems such as Devil May Cry, it is satisfying and brutal. Start the eye of a Cyclops or open the belly of a centaur is fantastic after a fierce battle.

The clashes with the bosses are memorable. I will not advance anything for those who have not played yet, I am struck by the uneven difficulty curve that has the game on higher difficulties. For example, the first boss can give a lot of headaches. After that time, the title is not very complicated to roughly half. If you played Ascension probably you enjoy more active tactical and combat that, although God of War III does better about everything else: music, level design, story and bosses.

The story of God of War III has a scale that has not been overcome yet in the franchise. I will not say anything to not ruin the experience of those who have not yet come to the game, but I must prepare for an epic journey full of battles and memorable moments. Despite its flaws, God of War III as a whole shines because it is a solid, memorable and enjoyable experience.

The 2 most significant are the 1080p, 720p compared to the original game, and almost always constant 60 frames per second. Dynamic lights also noticed that he did not remember the version of PlayStation 3, this is itself a fact, the texture resolution is 4 times higher. Does all this mean what the hell? Combat is fluid environments have a slightly updated look and new details in highlights resolution Kratos had not noticed.

But in spite of this, experience really does not change substantially. This is not necessarily bad, because in itself is an excellent game; however, we must consider the value of purchase, as the only really new addition is the Photo Mode. In the end, the only really unique to this version, if we exclude technical improvements, is the Photo Mode, with which they can change the angle of the shot, add filters and modify them slightly. Unfortunately, you can not rotate the camera or change the perspective, but perform simple pans.

God of War III: Remastered is worth buying for new players who have not had the chance to play on PlayStation 3. The veterans are unlikely to find many reasons to return, unless they have not enjoyed the DLC or play 1080p and 60 fps be your priority. They should also consider the purchase value, as the game costs $ 40 USD -High if we consider that the issue of PlayStation 3 costs half.

Each player must decide whether the added justify the purchase. My opinion is that only diehard fans and those who have not enjoyed the game have a good excuse to buy it. After all, almost everything he did great in God of War III in his time remains: its epic scale, an excellent soundtrack, a plot full of inspired moments, difficult situations and challenging combat, memorable and satisfying heads annihilate gods.