For quite a while we can say that platformers 3D died, because although very occasionally get to see any new proposal, the reality is that the standard left Nintendo in things like Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario 3D World, is too high for the rest of the industry to keep pace, especially if you take into account that it is a genre that is not popular among the mass market. Fortunately for all love this type of delivery, there are still studies as Reflections, which gives an impressive chair of how to exploit Unity through an experience that can be felt short, but certainly worth it.

The history of Grow Home is quite simple and even ambiguous, this thanks to the objectives that are very different from other games completely focused on the narrative. This is not a negative or anything, I would even say that very ambiguity and lack of information that is left to the user, causes the universe and the general atmosphere of the game, sit in a truly very special I am sure, all mystery lovers and less concrete or tangible stories, thank you.

In this game you take control B.U.D. (Botanical Utility Droid) a curious red robot that is left virtually stranded in a planet similar to Earth with the mission to grow the Star Plant, a mysterious species of giant plant that contains some seeds required by MOM, the artificial intelligence aboard the ship loose us to start game in charge of guiding us in our adventure.

As I said, the story of Grow Home can be quite ambiguous in many ways, so if you’re looking for a game that will tell an epic story full of unexpected twists, this title is simply not an option. After completing the game, the reality is that the end does not contribute much, even if you end the objectives given to you after watching the credits roll. This is not a complaint, I’m just putting things on the table as they are.
Climbing to the top

Without fear, we can say that the most interesting and outstanding all Grow Home, has to do with its innovative and fun gameplay. The work of Reflections is a 3D platformer set in an open world very well controlled, but it feels organic and which will speak in detail a bit later..

Our robot has the ability to run and jump like all the characters we see in this type of game, what makes Grow Home truly special is all the mechanics of climbing. With one of the triggers you control the left arm of BUD and the other the right. The hands of this wonderful being mechanical adhere to any surface that we are on stage, so almost any area is achievable, the only limit is our abilities.

The mechanics of climbing is not simple to master. At first, it is more likely to get frustrated at not finding a way to move up or move efficiently, however, I can assure you all up to practice a little, for the removal of the arms of our robot buttons control is truly outstanding.

Once you have you gotten used to the way BUD It climbs the walls and generally moves, you will begin to move through the levels fluently, because you can start combining this with things like jumping from one place to another. The truth is that there is more sensational thing for a long leap to after a few seconds of free fall, sustain a wall at the right time. Again, even though at first it seems that this is not so, Grow Home is a platformer that requires a lot of precision and even reflections.

Our main mission is to get the Star Plant reaches a height of 2000 meters so that in this way, we can extract the seeds MOM He has requested. To achieve this it is necessary to connect the stem of this giant plant to one of the floating islands containing nutrients for it to continue to grow. Here, the game introduces us to another very funny mechanics.

Some of the branches of the Star Plant containing red flowers, which, when reached, we can grow to connect the islands that I mentioned. When activated the action and the branch in question begins to move, we have to guide towards your goal. Achieving this is not easy, because in addition to having to make our robot remains supported on the stem, we have to control the direction of the branch. This feels really amazing, because at times you get to thinking you’re on the back of a dragon which must be tamed. As these buds will reach its objectives, the Star Plant height gain into new areas.

To achieve all that I have just detailed, BUD It has a few tricks up his sleeve. Throughout our journey, we can find several special crystals, which serve to unlock new skills as the ability to take a flower to float for several seconds, a sheet to plan or even a jetpack that will make our trip a little less complicated. Each of the upgrades that will make our character, are well thought out and fair, leaving intact the feeling of triumph when we finally climb up to that point we saw in the distance. In ninety percent of the time, you lose your fault, not the game.

In order to have a kind of insurance to reduce frustration, Grow Home has checkpoints which the player must find and activate. The truth is that this is appreciated, as there are times when a minor mistake can fall for several seconds almost to the beginning of the game.

Another fun activity to do with recording the flora and fauna, a matter that we dragging a bird or fruit to our centers teleportation. Often it is a real challenge this or that thing to fill out our famous log of travelers.

In terms of gameplay and controls in general, I find that Grow Home is a brilliant title that tests your true abilities as a climber. As a note, I would like to let you know that along my journey, I could not stop thinking about how great scale in this way, was introduced in something like Uncharted, because despite how well he looks the series of Naughty Dog, we to accept to climb in their games, merely push the analog stick to front or sideways.

Grow Home puts us in an open world almost perfectly designed objectives are achieved masterfully. Like I said, in the game, our main objective is to win the Star Plant height by means of connecting branches that we control. This makes largely built yourself go the way to the top. To give users as much freedom does not always work, but here, everything is put in the correct place to work.

When you are in the final parts of the game and decide to turn down, you will see all your creation and how the branches were entangled to reach the point where you are. This gives a feeling of truly special immensity, because a point where just, you find yourself on the verge of leaving the planet, reaching to see the curvature of it and how we are beginning to see the stars even though down arrives, It remains day. Another great feature is the way the days and nights in a few minutes, a matter that makes us feel that we weeks exploring this beautiful world.